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Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

What happens when Japan Studio is asked to make a game showing off PlayStation Tech? Games like Ape Escape, The Last Guy, Knack, The Playroom – and now Astro Bot Rescue Mission!

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Beat Saber PSVR Review

I have talked about Beat Saber a few times now, but now the official review is here! Beat Saber has hit PSVR big time, and it was worth the wait.

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PSN Name Changes are real! It only took 13 odd years, but hey

When I first created my PSN ID, my only regret was I used my email address. Many people have made more regretful decisions. After years of asking, this can be rectified – with catches.

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PlayStation Classic coming this December!

I can almost hear the meeting at Sony. “NES and SNES Classic sold how many? Where’s ours?”. And this December, the answer is ‘Under my TV!’ PlayStation Classic is real, confirmed, and on its way.

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Sony begins it’s Days of Play with the announcement of Tetris Effect

Sony is making an announcement a day in the lead up to E3. Remember when you had to wait for E3? No, just me? Ah well. The pieces will fit will in Tetris Effect!

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Batman Ninja – Not the movie I expected, but it was a whole lot of fun

So something a little different again today! One thing is the same though – NO SPOILERS! Last night I finally got to sit down and watch Batman Ninja. Wow. This is a DC animated film that brings together a lot of anime legends, and I don’t really know why I expected the movie I did. But it is a beautiful film and a lot of fun to watch.

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