I finally updated my Beat Saber playlist!

Beat Saber Wouldn't you just duck

It’s hard to have the ‘complete’ playlist if you forget to update it!

A while ago, I created a Spotify playlist for Beat Saber. It’s incredible how often when listening to it during the day, and I catch myself moving my hands to hit the beats.

The last time I updated the soundtrack was when the Monstercat pack came out. It wasn’t until the drive into work yesterday I realised I hadn’t added Imagine Dragons!

So, that is now corrected, and the playlist is back to being complete 😀

You can browse the playlist below, or if there are any issues follow the Spotify link here.



Beat Saber Spotify Playlist updated

Monstercat Music Pack Vol 1

Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 is live

The first paid Music Pack for Beat Saber is here, so I thought it would be time to update the old playlist 🙂

I hate to admit that I have dropped off my Beat Sabering, not because of lack of interest but physically and room required it’s been a little much for this poor old man lately.

But I will be jumping back in soon – much more room coming up with any luck!

A few people have commented on paying for 10 songs (and I am being nice), but honestly, at AUD$20 it’s $2 a song with the money split between devs, stage designers and artists (not to mention the PSN split!) it’s far from greedy in my opinion.  Plus free songs are still coming out when possible!

To celebrate the release, and get me in the mood, my Spotify Beat Saber playlist has been updated with the new music – check out the music for free before committing and see what you think!

If you want to know my full thoughts on the base game, check out my Beat Saber review.

Until next time,