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If you thought trick-taking games were gone, here comes Gorus Maximus

Trick Taking games. When people hear of these games, they think of Hearts, Spades, Bridge and Euchre. Gorus Maximus shares the roots of these games but is definitely not any of them.

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Whoosh: Bounty Hunters – you know it’s a fast game, it goes Whoosh!

Sometimes you want a game that is quick and relaxing. Other times, you want a game to play all afternoon that taxes your mind. What do you do when you want a quick game that challenges your mind? You play a game like Whoosh: Bounty Hunters!

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Spy Club takes me back to the Famous Five stories

Spy Club looks like an interesting cooperative set collection game, with a campaign mechanic. Think Pandemic meets TIME Stories.

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The Tower of Madness is everything you expect, but totally different

I have already said I am looking forward to playing Tower of Madness, but now it’s so close to coming out! It’s essentially a dice game where you are ‘punished’ by taking tentacles from the Tower and possibly losing your marbles.

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The Mansky Caper – An Offer You Can’t Defuse

It’s the 1920’s. You and your ‘family’ just don’t get any respect. So how do you fix that? By robbing the biggest, meanest, most eccentric mob boss in the country! Work with the family to take Al Mansky for all he’s got, but make sure you get the most ‘respect’ in the end!

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Watching the Blood on the Clocktower

I love social deduction games. Get a group of people together, and it can be a great way to end a night. Australian designer Steven Medway and the team from the Pandemonium Institute seem to have similar ideas and has made Blood on the Clocktower with mechanics to specifically address some common social deduction negatives.

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What is this? It tastes… That’s Not Lemonade!

The crew at Tuesday Knight Games, with the help of Matt Fantastic, have done it again. We mentioned That’s Not Lemonade on the last Blatherings, but now it’s live on Kickstarter and ready for you to push your luck!

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So E3 isn’t over, but Origins is beginning. Back to the Board Games!

So Video Games has E3, but Board Games has Origins! Well, and Essen, but that’s later in the year, so I am excited now!

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The pre-Origins drought might be over starting with Heroes of Terrinoth

So Video Games has E3 starting in a couple of days, and Board Games has Origins. I thought Board Game news would be quiet until next week – looks like I was wrong! Heroes of Terrinoth has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games, and I am really looking forward to grabbing a copy.

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