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Last Week’s Gaming – October 29th, 2018

Wow, what a week! Being on the road did put a little crimp in my board gaming, but not in a sampling of a heap of games at PAX Aus! This week ended up being a bit video game heavy, but the haul from PAX will more than make up for that in the coming weeks.

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Last Week’s Gaming October 1st 2018

Thanks to a long weekend and a bit of feet up time, I caught up with trying a few different games that I wanted to try!

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Last Week’s Gaming September 24th 2018

Another week, another few games played! Some new games with Alpal, and building up to this weeks release of Valkyria Chronicles 4 😀

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Last Week’s Gaming September 17th 2018

Happy Monday! An update on what I played over the last week, including Downforce: Danger Circuit, Get the MacGuffin, Expedition: The Role Playing Card Game, Choose Your Own Adventure: Danger House, Time Carnage and of course Octopath Traveler.

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Last weeks gaming 10/09/2018

A fair bit of gaming now I look back at it! Solo board game wise, Hostage Negotiator and some Escape the Dark Castle was played, as well as Downforce and Dragon’s Breath with other players. Colt Express also dominated game night last week! Video game wise, Destiny 2 Forsaken and Octopath Traveler have been my games of choice.

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Octopath Traveler is selling out worldwide

I love my Switch. It fulfils promises made by the Sony Vita without even trying to be a competitor. And it looks like one of this year’s star games – Octopath Traveler – is physically selling out around the world, to the point Square Enix apologised for the lack of copies!

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