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Solo: A Remastered Yakuza 5 Minute Dungeon.

Well, it’s a Wednesday, so the week is halfway done! Solo: A Star Wars Story opens tomorrow, Yakuza PS3 classics are being remastered on PS4, and 5 Minute Dungeon has an expansion on Kickstarter.

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Posthuman Saga is live on Kickstarter

Posthuman is a game that came my way as a donation, and I really enjoy it. Gamewise, it’s a complicated set of rules and interactions, but narratively it’s a great seed for an amazing world. Now, this world is expanding as Posthuman Saga goes live on Kickstarter.

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Cock Block has made one hell of a journey, but it’s complete!

Cock Block is a game that will appeal to players with a certain sense of humour. Thierry Demers and all from Kevin’s Got A Gun have had a long and interesting path getting this game to market. But the journey is now complete!

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Hellboy is back! Well, in Board Game form.

I am with Guillermo del Toro – Rob Pearlman IS Hellboy. That said, I can’t wait for the new Hellboy movie to come out – different doesn’t mean bad after all! But in the meantime, Mantic Games has released a gorgeous looking board game on Kickstarter to help tide over the Hellboy cravings!

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Nothing Personal Revised Edition currently on Kickstarter

Nothing Personal is a very pushy game to play with really good friends. You know the ones. The ones that you spend entire games making sure they never collect anything that could help them. Five years later, Stephen Avery has tweaked and streamlined the mafia game and put Nothing Personal Revised on Kickstarter.

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Battletech is almost here!

Sometime around November 2015, I backed one of my first digital Kickstarter projects – Battletech. Harebrained Schemes, apart from having an awesome company name, has a great track record and Jordan Weisman on board. April 25th my time, Battletech will unlock on my PC. This is going to be great!

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God of War, Reiner Knizia, and Avengers excitement grows

Today a little bit for everybody! Video games and music is covered with God of War, a new Reiner Knizia game Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection is on Kickstarter, and Avengers: Infinity War for the movies! If only I had a book to read right now…

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Zombicide Invader now on Kickstarter

The third Iteration of Zombicide is absolutely raking it in over on Kickstarter, as expected. CMON has put the rules up straight away, so I’ve been able to look at more than just the beautiful miniatures and wonder if I should back it. So, my thoughts on Zombicide Invader

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25 years on, I’m finally getting a linking book! Myst 25th Anniversary Edition now on Kickstarter

The game that helped sell CD-Rom drives is coming back! Cyan has managed to get the entire Myst series together for the first time in an amazing 25th anniversary edition, and at higher tiers has a linking book complete with LCD screen! Nostalgia sells people, what can I say?

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Call of Cthulhu Leather Campaign Journals on Kickstarter

Journals. I have heard them described as expensive notebooks. And in a lot of ways, this isn’t incorrect. But TYPE40 from Melbourne has a Kickstarter right now that adds a Lovecraftian twist and a imbues the journal with their creative passion. These Call of Cthulhu Journals aren’t just for RPG fans – anyone that loves writing and Lovecraft should check them out.

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