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Can you outwit your own creation in The Grid: AI Awakens?

A great warning from a great movie: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” In The Grid: AI Awakens, you play as scientists that already have, but still try to turn the situation to their own advantage.

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If you thought trick-taking games were gone, here comes Gorus Maximus

Trick Taking games. When people hear of these games, they think of Hearts, Spades, Bridge and Euchre. Gorus Maximus shares the roots of these games but is definitely not any of them.

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One Last Job is up on Kickstarter

In honour of the ‘Hiest’ Blatherings last week, news on a new Kickstarter that looks great. While Android: Netrunner is coming to a close, the daunting task of teaching new players is real and one of the reasons I stopped playing. One Last Job looks to capture a lot of the ‘sweatiness’ I love about Android: Netrunner, but contained in one single deck. This could be a ‘light’ replacement for a loved game!

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Watching the Blood on the Clocktower

I love social deduction games. Get a group of people together, and it can be a great way to end a night. Australian designer Steven Medway and the team from the Pandemonium Institute seem to have similar ideas and has made Blood on the Clocktower with mechanics to specifically address some common social deduction negatives.

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What is this? It tastes… That’s Not Lemonade!

The crew at Tuesday Knight Games, with the help of Matt Fantastic, have done it again. We mentioned That’s Not Lemonade on the last Blatherings, but now it’s live on Kickstarter and ready for you to push your luck!

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More Monikers! And a Big Box!

Monikers is one of those fun party games that you might have trouble convincing people to play, but once a couple of people are up everyone will jump in on. And now, more Monikers shenanigans is available on Kickstarter – with a bigger box to hold it all!

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Space Goat Productions Update – from a Lynnvander perspective

So Space Goat Productions has not been a good place to talk about for a while now. Recently a Designer Diary from Lynnvnader designer Tommy Gofton gives a bit more of an insight into the day to day business realities of working with Space Goat. This isn’t only informative for Terminator and Evil Dead 2 backers, but also for people interested in how game companies work together – both ideally, and not.

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Escape the Dark Castle is expanding on Kickstarter

It’s no secret Escape the Dark Castle has rocketed to a top five position in many of my gaming categories. I was already weighing up getting the first expansion soon, or next month. Well, the decision has been made for me – it’s on Kickstarter, as well as brand new content!

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Munchkin Christmas in July on Kickstarter is a Loot Box?

So today becomes a lesson on Loot Boxes, Munchkin, and how they mash together on Kickstarter. Yeah, I don’t fully get it either, but hey it really does make sense.

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Quick update to the Space Goat Productions Kickstarters

Just a quick update on the Space Goat Productions Equity offer – Shon C Bury has finally posted on Kickstarter after weeks of silence

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