Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game is now on Kickstarter!

Horizion Zero Dawn Board Game

Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to your tabletop

A few weeks ago, I posted a bit of news that Horizon: Zero Dawn was coming to Kickstarter.

And today, much quicker than I expected, the project is live!

Steamforged games have taken on a huge task, turning a hugely popular open world video game into a tabletop experience.

To me, they are also taking on a huge gamble of putting up a project with minimal gameplay information.  Dark Souls the Board Game, while beautiful, has mixed reviews as a gaming experience, and there was a vocal backlash about the game.

While I haven’t played Dark Souls, I don’t think the negatives were entirely warranted.  While some mechanics can be simplified, this is always true.  I think the real problem was the game was heavier than many people expected, especially for ‘non-board gamers’.

Horizion Zero Dawn Board Game Components
So much plastic, but so pretty

So why am I talking about Dark Souls and not Horizon?  Because I don’t really know anything about the gameplay for Horizon.

There is a gameplay video coming soon on the Kickstarter page, but right now I can’t really tell you anything on the gaming experience.  I am getting a Fallout vibe, though there is nothing to found this on.

I can tell you the mini-renders look amazing, and I have backed this for a mini painting extravaganza!

Steamforged has a history of making quality miniatures, and Horizon Zero Dawn looks like it will keep this tradition alive.

The bigger additions/add-on’s/expansions are pricey though.  For a £100 board game, all of the add-on mechs cost an extra £170!  That makes Horizon almostAUD$500 without shipping – quite a pricey undertaking.

Horizion Zero Dawn Board Game Models
Some scale for minis involved and some of the add on figures. They are huge!

I have backed the early bird pledge available today for £95, but that is with an eye on painting the game up.  I most likely won’t be getting the add-ons, even though they look gorgeous, simply from a storage perspective.

That’s right, it’s not the cost that is making me hesitate – it’s where do I put them?

Check out Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game yourself on Kickstarter, and let me know what you think!

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Horizon Zero Dawn to be the next Video Game to become a Board Game

Horizon Zero Dawn Feature

Breaking down a massive open world experience into a board game

There have been a few Board Game adaptions of Video Games over the years.  Some have been good.  Some have been not good at all.

Steamforged Games have had a lot of success with their Kickstarters.  The miniatures for the Dark Souls The Board Game are fantastic, but the reports on the game proper are mixed.

I have backed the Resident Evil 2 Board Game.  Honestly, not for the game.  I am a bit unsure on the what seems to be a Resident Evil themed dungeon crawler, but for the miniatures.  I am going to have a great time painting up those miniatures I think, and if the game turns out to be a bit of fun then all the better.

During Gen Con last week, Steamforged had an announcement to make.  They have another project coming to Kickstarter, and it is another Video Game adaptation.

This time it is Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn.

Now I have barely started Horizon.  It’s on my ‘get back and play it’ list that I am hoping to put a dent into over the Christmas holiday break.  But watching any video footage of it makes it immediately clear how beautiful a world Guerrilla has created.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen
A world as dangerous as it is beautiful

There is very little detail available about the game right now.  The announcement really is just a statement that work has begun, but the hype is already starting.

Now as I said Dark Souls from Steamforged has a bit of a mixed reception.  Resident Evil 2 as a board game I am not expecting a lot from.  Steamforged though does have some great games in their stable, including Dark Souls the Card Game.

This isn’t something like Victorian Masterminds where I am looking forward to it based purely on the designers involved.  I have no doubt in the future when this does come to Kickstarter (no dates yet!) that it will be another big hit for the company.  But just look at the attention to detail in what they have revealed already:

Horizon Zero Dawn Scrapper
The attention to detail is amazing again. Once again, I may be backing a game just to paint minis
Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Render
It is a 3D render, but the attention to detail in Steamforged minis are amazing

What do you think?  Is the idea of playing Horizon Zero Dawn as a board game something you are looking forward to?  Or like myself does the idea of enjoying the miniatures enough?

Until next time,