Batman: Gotham City Chronicles goes live Tomorrow!

Batman Gotham City Chronicles Box Art

About three or four times a year, there is a Kickstarter guaranteed to make my wallet cry.

Batman is without a doubt one of my favourite comic book characters of all time.  As I previously posted, a new game from Monolith is coming to Kickstarter in the form of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.

Quick Update: The Kickstarter project is now live!  Check it out here.

Batman Gotham City Chronicles KS Banner

Based on the generally praised but also heavily criticised Conan board game by the same company, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles sets out to correct a lot of issues from the original Conan game in both gameplay and message.

With scenarios from classic Batman comic history such as Hush, The Killing Joke and The Court of Owls, this 2-4 player game looks to be a great game addition to Batman fans and tabletop skirmish players alike.

Being developed alongside DC comics, I am really excited about this project.  The miniatures that have been released look amazing, and over 100 have been approved by DC already.  The game presentation and components look fantastic, even the prototype cardboard player boards seem a cut above a lot of other components.

There is also all of the planned expansion/add-on content available during the campaign as well.  At the moment I know of the following:

  • Arkham Asulym / Jokerland Expansion
  • Wayne Manor / The Batcave Expansion
  • The Batmobile
  • Skirmish Mode

The Skirmish Mode expansion at the moment I am hazarding a guess will be almost an automatic must have.  Being able to play different game modes and go head to head with another player is always a nice option to have.

Batman Gotham City Chronicles Boxes
Gotham City Chronicles In all it's Kickstarter glory

But wallet-busting this will be.  At the moment the base core pledge is expected to be USD$140, with the All In amount adding all extra content to be around USD$330.  This doesn’t include shipping either.

I need to look at the additional content and shipping hard, as this could easily end up costing around AUD$700 for a game I would expect to hit the table once or twice a year.

To help spread the message as Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is exclusive to Kickstarter, Monolith has joined the crew from Beasts of War with some preview gameplay and rule overview videos!

These videos work really well to show off the game and I am all but drooling over the beautifully painted miniatures being used.

Rather than try to sum up the contents of the videos, I have linked to the videos from the Beasts of War YouTube channel below.

Check out the videos below and I will post the Kickstarter Project when it goes live!

Batman is coming!

Batman Gotham City Chronicles Box Art

The large campaign style and one vs many genres have had a lot of exposure lately, with the majority being Kickstarter projects. One such project that I thought had interest but ended up letting go by for a number of reasons was 2015s Conan from Monolith Board Games.

This put Conan before the current trend of massive games, but at the time also made it more of a risk to me. As always, hindsight is 20-20, and Conan has proven to be a very successful game over the last couple of years. It got to the point that I was even starting to consider trying to track down a copy, but then I started hearing rumblings of a new project coming on the horizon based on the Conan game system.

The project? It’s called Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. And it’s coming to Kickstarter at the end of February this year.

It’s not an exact copy of the Conan system. Character abilities have been tweaked, both for thematic reasons and I believe from player feedback. There have also added new dice for different actions, making this a very dice heavy affair.

Similarities with Conan include the massive number of miniatures with the game. DC has already confirmed over 100 miniature sculpts, and as this is a Kickstarter and uses the Batman license, I can’t imagine the count stopping there. Some of the sculpts already revealed look amazing. I just wish my painting skills were up to the people that painted these promotional pieces!

There will be a lot more information at the end of February, but for the moment if your curious mark the 28th on your calendar and check out the project on Kickstarter!

Batman Gotham City Chronicles KS Banner
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Boxes
Gotham City Chronicles In all it's Kickstarter glory
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Demo
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Demo
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Painted Batman
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Painted Batman
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Painted Bane
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Painted Bane
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Harley Quinn
Render of Harley Quinn
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Poison Ivy
Render of Poison Ivy
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Clayface and Thug
Clayface and Thug
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Croc maybe
Killer Croc looking really mean
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Nighthawk
Nightwing looking ready to rumble
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Female thug or Canary maybe
Black Canary in mid combat maybe? It's an interesting pose choice
Batman Gotham City Chronicles Creature
Doc Death - not a well known Batman villain

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