Clear, Concise Ramblings 005 – Dragon Castle and Gold Fever

Playing with bags of rocks didn’t sound like fun before though

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today Alpal and I talk a bit about Dragon Castle, which you might recognise from some Last Week’s Games summaries.

Also, we talk (a little bit longer than normal for a 2 game episode, sorry!) about the deceptively fun Gold Fever.  The game is all about pulling gold nuggets out of a bag.  Said like that, it doesn’t sound special – but it is so much more.

Both games are a lot of fun, and after I paint Alpal’s Dragon Castle expect a review on both games 😀

Have a great weekend everyone!


JohnHQLD Blatherings 009 – Gold Fever, The Ratings, Istanbul The Dice Game, Space Base

Finally talking to Alpal about games

Happy weekend everyone!

After a couple of false starts with previous Blatherings, Alpal and I talk about some of the light games we have been playing lately.  We also talk a little about the rating system and our different ways of looking at games.

Have a great weekend everyone!