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Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar Review

When Restoration Games asked what games you wanted to see, Fireball Island was the clear winner. After months of “We want to, but we can’t!”, the team happily announced they not only could but it would be coming to Kickstarter. And now, it’s on my table.

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Last Week’s Gaming – December 10th, 2018

Two working weeks to the holidays, and everything is ramping up like crazy! I did manage to get some gaming in though – got to have something to keep going 🙂

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How reading the rules can help me pick new games

So there are two new games out this week that I have my eye on – the Kickstarter Fireball Island from Restoration Games, and Plaid Hats Starship Samurai. Today I go through some of my thoughts on how the released game rules will influence my decision to buy.

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A new month, and the April Kickstarter queue is already forming

Can’t even slowly slide into the month! For the start of April Kickstarter list, two active projects and one starting tomorrow have caught my eye.

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Restoration Games Fireball Island is launching on Kickstarter April

Fireball Island is one of those classic 80’s games like Mousetrap – lots of fun stuff to play with, but not necessarily fun to play. The crew at Restoration Games are looking to correct this come April 3rd.

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