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Android Mainframe Review – 2 years later!

A quirk of fate has put my first ever video review back into my hands. Android: Mainframe, the first spin-off game from the Fantasy Flight Android: Netrunner universe. So what better way to celebrate than by showing it off AND re-reviewing the game two years later!

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Arkham Horror is getting a 3rd Edition – or is it?

A surprise announcement from Gen Con this week is the soon to be released Arkham Horror 3rd Edition! As a fan of almost all things Lovecraftian, a redesign of the much loved (and hated) 2005 classic is music to my ears. But has Fantasy Flight dropped the ball calling this a third edition, rather than announcing a new game in the Arkham Horror Files?

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Richard Garfield and Fantasy Flight reveal KeyForge: Call of the Archons

Richard Garfield is arguably the father of the Trading Card Game. The designer of Magic the Gathering and the original Netrunner to name but two, his name is held in high regard in gaming circles. And while Android: Netrunner may be lost to Fantasy Flight Games, the two have teamed up for a new game – KeyForge: Call of the Archons!

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Fantasy Flight Games reveals Fallout: New California

On Friday the 13th, Fantasy Flight pulled a Bethesda with a ‘Please Stand By’ on their Facebook page. I was hoping for an app announcement to help with the management of the game. What we did get was the Fallout New California expansion announcement. Still kinda hoping for an app, to be honest :p

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Android: Netrunner has been cancelled effective October 22, 2018

Unfortunately, not all of the news from Fantasy Flight has been great lately. In an announcement Sunday Australian Time, it has been revealed that Android: Netrunner will no longer be printed or supported by Fantasy Flight later this year.

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The pre-Origins drought might be over starting with Heroes of Terrinoth

So Video Games has E3 starting in a couple of days, and Board Games has Origins. I thought Board Game news would be quiet until next week – looks like I was wrong! Heroes of Terrinoth has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games, and I am really looking forward to grabbing a copy.

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Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition is coming

Cosmic Encounter. The game that was Tom Vasel’s top game of all time for years is turning 42 this year. And Fantasy Flight is celebrating in typical fashion – by releasing a new edition! Not sure on the timing though…

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