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Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. dates announced – and it’s really early access?

Fallout 76 has a preorder bonus – Access to the Break It (early) Test Application. But as it’s only 2 weeks before the live date, is there time for anything more than fine tuning?

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Fantasy Flight Games reveals Fallout: New California

On Friday the 13th, Fantasy Flight pulled a Bethesda with a ‘Please Stand By’ on their Facebook page. I was hoping for an app announcement to help with the management of the game. What we did get was the Fallout New California expansion announcement. Still kinda hoping for an app, to be honest :p

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Fallout 76 has me in a hard place. Am I looking forward to it?

I have played every Fallout game there is, with one exception. I have seen it go through multiple changes. There seems to be a real effort with Fallout 76 to retain the Fallout feel, but I am not sure if I am on board yet.

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