Escape the Dark Castle

Last Week’s Gaming

Last Weeks Gaming - Escape the Dark Castle

You know those times when you think you have everything under control, and then life decides to throw you a new challenger? It’s been an interesting time, to say the least. Nothing bad, nothing terrible, just a lot. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any gaming in last week, and I have some fun gaming plans for this week. Gotta concentrate on the positive!

Last weeks gaming 10/09/2018

A fair bit of gaming now I look back at it! Solo board game wise, Hostage Negotiator and some Escape the Dark Castle was played, as well as Downforce and Dragon’s Breath with other players. Colt Express also dominated game night last week! Video game wise, Destiny 2 Forsaken and Octopath Traveler have been my games of choice.