Last Week’s Gaming – November 12th 2018

Drop It 20181112

It is Forbidden to Roll the Tags, so Drop It

A new week, and one full week back from holidays down.  The reality has come back in full force, and I already miss a few things from my holidays.

But on the bright side, schedules remain and games are being played!  A lot of new games this week, so let’s jump into it.

Drop It

How to describe Drop It.

Think of competitive Tetris or Connect 4, and add carnival game style dexterity challenges.

When you look at Drop It, you already mostly know how to play – it’s one of those great instinctual games.  There is a lot of ‘What How’ and ‘Ha Ha’ from the players, as you drop a piece and bases collapse or shapes bounce (or both!).

I know I am not talking too much about it, but Alpal has had it for a little while and I saw it playing at PAX Aus, so I figured it was time for the review.  So guess what tomorrows review is going to be?

Drop It 20181112
You look at it, and you think you know the game. And you do - but it throws you. Drop It is simply a fun game.


Most people I know enjoy a word game despite themselves.  Throw out a challenge like think of how many fruits begin with C, and a list will start to form in someone’s mind.

And yes, Cucumber is a fruit.

Tags takes this little quirk and make a fun challenge.  There is a grid of marbles with five categories and four letters (well, mostly letters).  You then have 15 seconds to match the conditions on the grid to keep that coloured marble – e.g. Things that people are blackmailed for that start with J, or Something Romantic that includes ‘in’.

This is the second game this week that makes a great low player count party game, and a trend I hope continues in new releases.

Tags 20181112
It's hard to describe Tags except as a lower player count party game - and it's worth every second you play it.

Roll Player

So Roll Player was all the buzz in gaming circles a little while ago, and Alpal got a copy at a ‘reasonable’ price (it’s been over AUD$100 for a while!).

Alpal took me through a game, and I am hooked, with my own copy making it’s way to me soon.

The gameplay itself looks minimal (as in ‘so where’s the game?’) but once you start playing, the depth of choice is immediately apparent.

Solo you try to score a perfect score of 40 (with 38+ being the highest achievement title), while multiplayer you go for highest score wins.

More will be discussed on Roll Player over the coming weeks – be sure of that!

Roll Player 20181112
Surprisingly fun and tense at the same time, Roll Player takes Dice/Worker Placement to higher levels while remaining quick and fun

Forbidden Sky

So I have played this a couple of times over the last week, and I have mixed feelings so far.

Now I really wanted to play and enjoy Forbidden Sky – it’s on my most anticipated games list for 2018.  And I did enjoy it to a degree.  The first game at max player count had a couple of small issues with rules (my reading ability not the rules themselves), and we seemed to thump the game.

Try again after some more extensive reading and clarifications in a two player game, and it was better.  Much better.  I will be playing this a few more times and a full review will be coming soon – after the original Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert reviews!

Forbidden Sky 20181112
A game I have been waiting - Forbidden Sky has arrived. And it has flipped the 'Leacock Standards' in a surprise move.

Tetris Effect

I jumped on this as soon as I got home last Friday.

Tetris Effect is gorgeous to behold, and playing in VR is a completely immersive experience that allows you to focus to new levels.

Which is also it’s downfall.  I don’t normally suffer motion sickness in VR, but the gorgeous world did throw me for a loop and I couldn’t play this for more than about 40-50 minutes without conceding to physical complaints.

It’s fun, and I do recommend playing – but maybe in a dark room with headphones instead of VR?  I haven’t tried this yet, but a full review will be coming in a couple of weeks.

Tetris Effect Feature
Screenshots Coming!

Diablo 3

It was a quick round of Diablo this weekend on the couch, climbing to Level 4 after clearing the first area.

While not much was played, all of the groundwork was set and now Rabbit and I can play multiplayer through the week, so this will probably keep creeping in a bit in the future.

Well, until this weekend, when Pokemon Let’s Go may overtake all of Rabbit’s Switch time 🙂

Diablo 3 Banner
Another game where I didn't snap a shot, but Rabbit and I are now setup to multiplay 🙂

What have you been playing?  Let me know on the Facebook Page or @ me some pics on Twitter!

Until next time,


Last Week’s Gaming – November 5th, 2018

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

The Destiny of the Eternal Party is found in Hanamikoji

Back with my feet on the ground, but another light week of gaming.  Work for half the week and travel did not lend themselves to gaming days, but with any luck as of tomorrow night, the normal games nights and days will kick back in!

I also have piles of games I am dying to try, so lots of new reports will be coming with everything!


After finishing the review in the great cabin we hired in the Hunter Valley, getting Rabbit to play a game or three was a lot of fun 🙂

Rabbit even did the very rare first-round win on the first game!  By securing the top three valued Geisha, the first game was truly hers.

A quick game that may come out a few more times now that we have played it, but honestly there are a lot of games I have been putting on hold for post-PAX that will probably push Hanamikoji down a bit again in the play list, which is unfortunate.

Hanamikoji Setup
The playing board is complete, but shows an amazing amount of information at a glance

Super Mario Party

Again while chilling at the Hunter Valley as well as Sunday night at home, Super Mario Party got a look in.

I have only played a 2 player game max, but I am hoping to change this one night at games or people over one weekend.

Talking to people at PAX Aus apparently the ‘proper’ Mario Party takes too long with four players though because of unskippable animations and the like.  Will have to keep this in mind and maybe even try one by myself to see what may be going on.  It’s still a heap of fun though, so this and Rabbit’s Just Dance 2019 could be party games of choice.

Super Mario Party 20181105
Playing against even one person was a heap of fun. And it was funny watching Rabbit and I making the same mistakes in the mini games!

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

Sitting in the Hunter Valley, I got a normally wonderful text from my local EB Games.

‘Hi John! Come in tomorrow and pick up your copy of Diablo 3’.

Yep, even though I ran around doing the Diablo 3 scavenger hunt at PAX Aus run with Blizzard and the Red Cross, I completely forgot that it was coming out on November 2nd.

I didn’t play much – it was more out of interest and a quick look in handheld mode.  And it plays very nicely indeed.  Not sure about the 5GB language pack download though…

Either way, hoping next weekend Rabbit and I can start some multiplayer hijinks before Pokemon Let’s Go comes out on the 16th!

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection
It may not look like much here, but even in handheld mode the controls were intuitive and animations smooth.

Destiny 2

Yes, you are reading this correctly – I played Destiny 2 again.  Kind of.

You see, to celebrate a year of Destiny 2, Activision is giving away the base game on PC via  So if you have a account already (which plenty of players do thanks to Hearthstone) you have until November 18th to claim a free game!  Watch out though – it’s an 81 GB and change download.

I was really interested in seeing the differences with a keyboard and mouse as well as graphically.  It looks prettier, plays quicker, and I would guess is more the experience that competitive PvP players would want – this is where these kinds of game shine after all.

But as pretty as it is, it’s not enough to pull me back in.  Especially as I would have to spend over $150 to get back to where I am on PS4, where with the grind I enjoy kicking back on the couch with my controller.  But if you are interested in having a look, the option is there!

Destiny 2 PC
The favoured version for many Destiny 2 streamers and video captures, I can now see why. But at the end of the day it's the same game as on PS4, and the couch just feels right for me.

Pokemon Go

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I just never thought to add mobile games to this list.

And for two weeks, I have been making a concerted effort to play Pokemon Go.  Partly because I was on holidays and exploring new areas, so new Pokemon and locations were mine to collect.

But at the start of the trip a new special quest appeared – A Spooky Message.  And for the first time ever, I got to finish a quest!  It was a great feeling, and one I know many other players shared around the same time.

I really hope I get to keep up some Pokemon Go action with the new updates that don’t need it on and the Let’s Go integration.  Ah well, I will find out in a couple of weeks 🙂

Pokemon Go 20181105
So it may not be the most powerful Pokemon, but it's the first Special Quest I have managed to complete so yay!