You Are Deadpool Review

You Are Deadpool 1 Cover
You Are Deadpool 1 Cover
Released 2018
Creators Al Ewing, GURU-eFX, Salva Espin
Publisher Marvel (Website)
Players 1, but can play as a team of 2-3 people if you like
Playing Time 10-20 minutes per issue, dependant on choices
Category Comic Book
Choose Your Own Adventure

When a Comic is a game, but it’s still an adventure

Deadpool is a comic character that has grown on me over the years.  Originally I was him as a bit of over the top comic relief, and that still holds true today.

But the self-awareness and insanity that is Wade Wilson make for some truly interesting (if family-unfriendly) stories.  Two of my all-time favourites are Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (Hey, it’s on Goodreads) and Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet (Also on Goodreads).

If you enjoyed the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool (which let’s be honest, odds on you are) you may be surprised by the Deadpool in both of these stories.  Yes, there are puns and fourth wall breaks, but the type of choices and the accompanying self-justification may surprise you.

Today though, I am talking about another collection of stories – You Are Deadpool.  There are all the elements of the self-referential humour and satire that makes Deadpool so popular, but now you get to play as Deadpool in a Choose Your Own Adventure type scenario.

I grabbed these when they first came out and had the ‘joy’ of waiting a few weeks for the comic I was to play next to actually be released.  And I am not talking about the second edition – I went straight from issue 1 to 4!

You Are Deadpool Series
Think of each issue as a chapter - start at 1, end at 5. In the middle is up to you 🙂

The basic premise of the story is that you have to steal a time travelling helmet for the Tomorrow Man.  If you don’t know the characters, don’t stress about it – the series gives you enough information to go on for the story (such as it is).

Each issue then becomes a different time period you are jumping through, with plenty of era-appropriate gags and references to enjoy.

You Are Deadpool also rams home the ‘I’m not a comic!’ theme with an almost mandatory ‘See?’ panel early in each issue.  The different situations that you find Deadpool (and hence yourself) in are amusing, and it was a fight not to just run ahead and read them the first time to see what happens.

Yep, the first time.  This isn’t a normal ‘pick up and read’ comic, just as Choose Your Own Adventure was never a normal novel.  A big part of the fun in You Are Deadpool is trying to see how bad you can make things many different ways of playing through the story there are.

You Are Deadpool Dont Read the Next Panel
Panel 6 clearly says 'Don't read the next panel' - but of course you do, and a new path is made!

And multiple paths and twists there are aplenty.  It’s weird to describe You Are Deadpool as highly replayable, but it is indeed highly replayable.

Like any adventure, you have equipment both in game and in real life.

The first edition provides you with a template to make your own ‘Deadpool Die’ and a character sheet.  Now I am not a comic ‘purist’ – these were bought for me to read and play, but I do suggest just grabbing a few six-sided dice and a pen and paper, it will make your life a lot easier.

In game equipment is strange as well – you have three slots for items you can see that are ‘smaller than a bread box’.  Basically, if you see something in a panel and want to pick it up – it’s yours!

You Are Deadpool Game Components
I'm not against cutting the comic, it's just you roll 2 dice normally

Now just like in other multiple path stories with equipment like this, you can choose to ‘cheat’ and say you have the items.  All I will say about that at is enjoy your game.  The story knows it’s a game, and a comic, and this does sometimes lead to some funny situations.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can really say about You Are Deadpool as a game.  This is a fun experience that as a fan of the character I really enjoyed, and is a different way to spend 10-15 minutes a night ‘playing’ an issue.

But don’t fall into the ‘it’s a comic, it’s for kids’ trap.  Being a Deadpool comic, there is plenty of fighting and action.  Decapitation and dismemberment are common enough, and while not incredibly graphic probably not something you want your little ones playing either.  Basically, if you wouldn’t watch the movie with them (and not Once Upon a Deadpool, the originals!) don’t hand this to them either.

You Are Deadpool You Chose Poorly
Choose poorly enough, and this could be your ending...

Do you want to play?

You can technically play each issue as a mini-standalone edition adventure, as each issue deals with a different time period.  If you are reading this and decide to give You Are Deadpool a go – don’t do it this way.

I would be guessing you will be getting issues as you can, as even on first printing getting these in order was a little tricky.  Being able to ‘play’ the story through as you make your choices is the most fun.

Luckily this is really easy now, as the series was released as a combined trade paperback!  Expect to pay up to $25 from reasonable sellers, which isn’t too bad at all ($5 a comic, easy run!).  Amazon is probably easiest, and you can buy it on the Kindle as well!

You Are Deadpool

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy Deadpool and multiple path adventures, You Are Deadpool is a no-brainer recommendation.  It’s light, it’s fun, it doesn’t take much commitment so you can put it down and pick it up easily.

I would suggest the combined trade paperback only because everything is together, and you get that ‘holding it in your hands’ feeling.  Kindles are great and I use them a lot, but this is one of those special items that kicking back on the couch with pen and paper and dice is a lot of fun.

If you aren’t big on Deadpool, move on would be my recommendation.  If you want something similar though, all four of the Sorcery! series (go Goodreads again!) is all out now digitally from inkle, and I will be giving that a review when I can play through them all.  Same theory, but so much more in-depth and a much grander campaign.



  •  It’s Deadpool
  •  Light ‘game’ to sit and enjoy with multiple paths and endings
  •  Humour for each era is spot on


  •  While no swearing, violence is a part of Deadpool so keep away from little ones
  •  The story is light – great for a diversion, but if you want something heavier it’s not here

Now I can spend a few adventures as Deadpool with You Are Deadpool!

You Are Deadpool Feature

Are crocs proper reading shoes?

To say Deadpool is insanely popular right now would be a slight understatement.  Deadpool has always been my favourite out there character, an escape when I wanted my brain to just enjoy a journey.

And this morning, guess what arrived in my mail?

You Are Deadpool Arrived
The first two issues arrived today. With any luck, I will have the next 3 next week.

News around the place a few months ago about the upcoming You Are Deadpool had my ears twitching.  Essentially a choose your own adventure type experience, but this time as the Merc with a Mouth!

I already enjoy Deadpool’s fourth wall breaks, and now he gets to direct you through an adventure!

As usual, I have done my best to avoid spoilers, and on the whole, I have succeeded.  No idea what even the basic story elements are.  But be honest – do you read Deadpool for the storylines?

You Are Deadpool Tutorial Example
Deadpool teaching you how to read You Are Deadpool
You Are Deadpool Character Sheet
The comic opens to a typically self aware joke

There are apparently ways to play the first issue that leads you to the fourth issue, but as they are weekly releases I am hoping this isn’t a big deal.

Each issue will apparently be visited no matter the storyline, so no ‘wasted’ issues.  And like any multiple branch storyline, there will be a form of replay value as you pick different choices and see the outcome.

It will be interesting to see how they deal with Wade’s healing factor – I can imagine in many types of stories being shot would be a ‘game over’, but this is Deadpool!  That could just make you stronger!

I will let you know how I find the comics once I have finished an entire story, but I am excited to give it a go.

Until then, as Deadpool says:

Deadpool Says
Must be true - Deadpool says so

Until later,