Last Week’s Gaming 22nd October 2018

Tiny Epic Zombies

Onirim’s Tiny Epic Chest Open Tournament

By the time you are reading this, I should be out and about Melbourne – maybe even have had a bit of video happening over on the Facebook page!

It was a hectic week last week with work and prepping for the trip, but there was still some time to play games 🙂

Tiny Epic Zombies

So the first game I played this week was a new one – Tiny Epic Zombies!  My Kickstarter copy arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it was our first chance to have a game.

We used Harl’s copy, and he set himself up as the Zombies in a One vs Cooperative round.

It was a long with a few false starts, but you expect that in a learning game.  We definitely had fun though, and we will be playing this again soon!

Tiny Epic Zombies
It may fit in a small box, but there is a lot happening in the latest from Scott Almes

Dead Man’s Chest

What was intended as a quick example of Dead Man’s Chest became a full game in very short order.

It was a great way to end the night, with four of us knocking out the game with teaching in about 10 minutes.

All of my previous thoughts hold – it’s quick and easy to teach, with the bluffing mechanics simple yet effective.

I thought really hard about asking Alpal if I could borrow a copy for PAX Aus, but I am more worried about losing the chest at the convention!

Dead Mans Chest Gameplay
Another game with nothing much happening on the table, Dead Man's Chest is surprisingly tense

NES Open Tournament Golf

The NES Classics that were made available with Switch Online when the service went live last month.

With a lot of late nights recently I wanted to unwind with something.  And I knew that four new games had come out.  So I had a look.

NES Open Tournament Golf will not have me hooked for hours at a time, but it was a fun experience once I started to understand how to play it.  Frustrating by today’s standards maybe, but the elegant simplicity of NES Golf was much appreciated.

It was even a great look at the groundwork of some other golf games I used to enjoy, like Everybody’s Golf on the PSP!

NES Open Golf
Ugly and unintuitive by today's standards, muddling my way through 18 holes was nonetheless satisfying!

Onirim (Mobile)

So this one is one of those oversight games I have missed reporting on.  For some reason, mobile games that I play daily I just never thought of as playing a game – what a weird blind spot!

So a game I have been playing Onirim on the mobile for a long time now.  It’s an awesome solo card game, and if you have never played it before check it out for free on Android or iOS.

At its heart, Onirim is a set collection game where you try to match sets to unlock doors out of your dreams.  But be careful – nightmares and other things can hold you back!

The in-app purchases are for expansion content, which I very much enjoy.  But load up the base game and enjoy the great tutorial to see what you think for yourself!

Onirim Mobile 20181022
All you have to do is match 3 colours on the track, without playing the same symbol twice in a row. A satisfying solo puzzle game.

Clear, Concise Ramblings 001 – Dead Man’s Chest and Manhattan

Ramblings Logo

And we are back!

It’s good to be back on the air again so to speak 🙂

Clear, Concise Ramblings is a podcast where Alpal and I just kick back and talk about some of the games we have been playing lately.  Maybe it will give you an idea for something to play yourself?  In this episode, Dead Man’s Chest and Manhatten are the topics of conversation.

Today also I am starting the drive down to Melbourne for PAX Aus – you may have noticed the countdown on the side?  Watch out on Twitter and Facebook for some impromptu updates on the way!

Have a great weekend everyone!

JohnHQLD and Alpal

Last Week’s Gaming October 15th 2018

Tower of Madness 20181015

The Bones are in the Chest Atop the Castle’s Highest Tower

Another week, another few games played! Very quite video game wise this week, prepping for PAX Aus is taking a lot of my time at the moment.

But some games will always make it in, and this week three out of four of the games were all new ones!

Tower of Madness

An honourable mention in this year’s most anticipated games list, Tower of Madness is now finally in my hands!

Alpal opened it for me, and there are a few component issues to me out of the gate.  The dice were covered in something that required rubbing alcohol to stop them sticking, and the tower doesn’t quite fit.

But there is potential.  Two games in and we enjoyed the game – everyone wanted to play again.  A few more games and a formal review will be coming, but at the moment play someone else’s copy if you get the chance.

Tower of Madness 20181015
It arrived, and the marbles hit the base with a satisfying 'Thunk'!

Dragon Castle

During games night we got two new players into Dragon Castle.

There was a lot of confusion at the start, but everyone was up to speed quickly as I knew they would be.

Dragon Castle was intended as a night ender, and it worked well.  We all enjoyed the game even with teaching for half of the table, and the final scores were almost all within one point of each other!

Now I just need to play some 2 and 3 player games for the review…

Dragon Castle 20181008
Dragon Castle is aa game I am very much warming up to.

Dagon’s Bones

Dagon’s Bones was a fun looking game I Kickstarted a few months ago.  I was surprised by how quickly it arrived!

A simple and quick push your luck dice game, Dagon’s Bones is small and easy to carry around.  Simply three dice and a bunch of coins that come in a small cylinder.

The idea is to double the number of coins you have, by either taking from the pot or other players.  There can be player elimination, but if the pot wins (it’s possible!) then Cthulhu rises and destroys everyone.

Dagon’s Bones is more fun than it deserves to be, and I look forward to more games soon.

Dagons Bones Gameplay
Dagon's Bones - 3 dice and some coins. There really isn't much action to show, but it's an interesting premise

Dead Man’s Chest

Another quick game, and a surprisingly fun game.  Dead Man’s Chest is a quick and simple bluffing game similar to Liar’s Dice.

The game consists of a pile of rubies, two dice, and a ‘chest’ about the size of two packs of matches stacked.

A player shakes the dice in the chest, and bids on the amount shown on the die.  There are some funny rules to the values, but it’s easy to get into and a great way to pass some time with friends.

Dead Mans Chest Gameplay
Another game with nothing much happening on the table, Dead Man's Chest is surprisingly tense