Site updates 2021 – First stage is done!

Stage 1 Site Updates - New Menus.jpg

When I came back, I talked about changes I was looking to make with the site. The intention was to make searching and being notified on what you are interested easier to find. Well, I am happy to say that Stage 1 is now complete! What does this mean? Well, I go into the changes and future updates in detail today.

Streaming On Hold and Holiday Break Plans 2020

Witcher Wednesday’s were fun, and updates required to get the board game side have clashed. So the break is going to take a little longer than anticipated, mainly because I would start up again just before the site’s end of year holiday break! That doesn’t mean that things aren’t in motion – check out what is happening at the link below!

Site reevaluations and big changes coming – just not soon.

So I slowed down to 3 pieces a week and simultaneously planning new projects and extra work. It isn’t working. So, while I am not shutting down the site, a longer break and cull is in the work for a little while. will still be a thing, but there are a lot of site changes coming. What are they? I need time to plan out and time manage to be sure.

But I hope whatever happens it works for us all. Have a great weekend everyone!

New idea – would you like to hear some beginner tech pieces?

So I have been thinking about doing some tech pieces. I get asked hardware questions all the time at work. There are so many options out there, it’s confusing even if you know what you are looking at! So I was thinking of doing some very basic beginner articles on what to look for and why I make some decisions. What do you think?