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Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is on Kickstarter

So there has been a fair bit of Tsuro news this week, and this is why – the third iteration is live on Kickstarter!

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Tsuro of the Seas Review

What happens when you take a simple game and add some more random issues on the board? Tsuro of the Seas is a great example!

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Tsuro Review

Games don’t have to be overly complicated to be enjoyable, and Tsuro demonstrates this wonderfully 🙂

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The Mansky Caper – An Offer You Can’t Defuse

It’s the 1920’s. You and your ‘family’ just don’t get any respect. So how do you fix that? By robbing the biggest, meanest, most eccentric mob boss in the country! Work with the family to take Al Mansky for all he’s got, but make sure you get the most ‘respect’ in the end!

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