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GameFor – an interesting app to help find other gamers!

Finding players can be a challenge. GameFor is an app hoping to help make finding that game group easier!

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Haru Ichiban – fun little two player game out of nowhere!

Last night I got to try a new game I have never heard of – Haru Ichiban or ‘The Wind of Spring’. Not a game I would have expected from Bruno Cathala!

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Fantasy Flight Games reveals Fallout: New California

On Friday the 13th, Fantasy Flight pulled a Bethesda with a ‘Please Stand By’ on their Facebook page. I was hoping for an app announcement to help with the management of the game. What we did get was the Fallout New California expansion announcement. Still kinda hoping for an app, to be honest :p

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So E3 isn’t over, but Origins is beginning. Back to the Board Games!

So Video Games has E3, but Board Games has Origins! Well, and Essen, but that’s later in the year, so I am excited now!

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April Fools Day 2018

Ahh, April Fools Day. And on Easter Sunday this year. What possibilities! Today just a collection of some April Fools gags that tickled my funny bone in various ways.

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