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Disgaea 1 Complete the 15th Anniversary Special Edition from NIS

People sometimes tell me that games like Final Fantasy are too hard because they are ‘Too Grindy’. They look at me like a madman as I laugh, and introduce them to a grinding game with layers upon layers of mechanics with zero documentation. Meet Disgaea, and #sorrynotsorry

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Pandemic is turning 10 years old! Time for the anniversary edition

Pandemic. The game that bought cooperative board games to front and centre. Probably the most famous game from Matt Leacock, this year Pandemic turns 10 years old. As is becoming tradition, it’s time for the fancy Anniversary Edition!

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Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition is coming

Cosmic Encounter. The game that was Tom Vasel’s top game of all time for years is turning 42 this year. And Fantasy Flight is celebrating in typical fashion – by releasing a new edition! Not sure on the timing though…

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25 years on, I’m finally getting a linking book! Myst 25th Anniversary Edition now on Kickstarter

The game that helped sell CD-Rom drives is coming back! Cyan has managed to get the entire Myst series together for the first time in an amazing 25th anniversary edition, and at higher tiers has a linking book complete with LCD screen! Nostalgia sells people, what can I say?

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A disturbance in the force…

Something old is new again! Well, it will be soon at least.

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