Tabletop Gaming Vault and Dice Towers on Kickstarter

Organising your gaming is something that all gamers deal with. Luckily there are a lot of ways to deal with this issue!

I have written about a few gaming organisers in the past. This is a part of gaming that usually catches my attention, but rarely do I jump into grabbing them.

It’s not because I don’t think the product is good, attractive, useful, or anything along those lines. The reason is it’s tough to find an organiser that can do everything, and I have a lot of games. Finding something that I can use for everything is a very tall order.

Today, I am talking about a Dice Tower and combination Dice Tower/Storage unit from Vulcan Forge, currently on Kickstarter.

The Traveler Dice Tower

Dice Towers are one of those things you either enjoy using or dread watching one come out. But if you have limited space and/or want to confine where the dice go, they can be incredibly useful.

The Traveler Dice Towers are all the same general shape and fold into themselves for storage and portability. With the units being made from acrylic, the towers are relatively light compared to their wooden counterparts.

The noise of dice bouncing off the acrylic parts can be a real concern, possibly marking from heavier metal dice. The inclusion of felt pieces makes both of these scenarios much less of an issue.

It's a Dice Tower - Functional, clever, and unique designs

Then there is the presentation. The coloured acrylic and layers lead to some stunning light effects and definitely stand out from simple wooden towers. And you can pick from a variety of designs!

Cthulhu Traveler
Frost Traveler
Gelatinous Traveler

The Gelatinous Cube Vault – The Main Attraction!

The piece that has the most interest for me is the Gelatinous Cube Vault. What appears to be an acrylic box is a very creative storage solution!

For many Dungeons and Dragons players, the Gelatinous Cube has a special spot in their memories. Sometimes it was overcoming the creature. Other times, it was laughing as a teammate teleported inside one to get the shiny sword first.

Vulcan Forge has used the Cubes appearance to create a mini Dice Tower and storage for your RPG needs. And just like the creature’s description, you can see it all hovering in a state while it waits.

The Gelatinous Cube Storage Vault - clever design, great theme

Some of the trays hold your standard items – dice, cards, tokens and coins. You can also put your minis in the Vault, with confirmed dimensions of 1.25″ x 1.65″ x 2″ (31mm x 41mm x 50mm). I can still think of a couple of minis that may have trouble because of their stance. This allows for more flexibility than many other rectangular mini-storage solutions I have seen.

Another nice feature is the included tray and Dice Tower. Rather than needing to pull out your items and then grab a tray or tower, The Gelatinous Cube Vault has it all included! Setup your trays for easy access and the Vault turns into a Dice Tower for the session.

So much fits in such a small box

The Gelatinous Cube also has a fair amount of flexibility built into it, with removable partitions to allow you to create the sizes and shapes you need. Need space for larger decks like the Deck of Many? While you lose a token bay, you can put the deck in nicely.

As a nice touch, there is even an etched drinks coaster that sits nicely in the bottom!

Wouldn’t these break? The wooden variants would be more robust.

Like any material, there are pros and cons to using them. Acrylic is light but surprisingly strong. Using acrylic lets Vulcan Forge make the Towers and Vault in designs you can’t match with wood.

Drop these onto concrete, and there is a good chance they will scuff up. Drop wood onto concrete, there is less of a chance, but they will still mark.

Decorative sections like Cthulhu or the Cubes Ooze are bonded not just glued and can take more punishment than you may think. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try and break off pieces – there is a breaking point. You are just unlikely to damage it with small knocks.

By the time you are guaranteed to break these items, nothing will come away without damage.

The versatility of the Cube design I hope inspires new layouts

But Plastic is the cheap option.

Some people are going to think this. Items like the Traveler and Vault are personal choices, and material can be part of this choice.

Vulcan Forge is not 3D printing some plastic parts and sticking them together like some sellers on Etsy (not that this isn’t a skill!). Acrylic requires skill to design the good, cut and assemble just like wooden products.

These items are laser cut then hand-assembled to finish the products. Don’t be put off by initial assumptions – origami is ‘just’ folded paper, but not everyone can do it!

Choice of material should not influence appreciation of design

Are you backing this?

I don’t think I will. When I roleplay, I tend to prefer pure pen and paper RPGs than systems based on minis. But I know plenty of people that could make use of the Vault in particular.

Having a small container that has almost everything in it for your RPG session is handy, and the size will fit into any bag with ease. Between sessions, it can be an excellent addition to a shelf as a display piece.

As I said at the beginning, organisers are a personal choice. I don’t think the Vault or the Traveler is for everyone, but for that portion of people that it is for, I think they will be delighted.

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**NOTE: I was contacted by Vulcan Forge and asked if I would consider giving my honest feedback on the campaign. I haven’t been offered anything in return for this, and the choice to put this on the site was my own.

Vulcan Forge happily answered a couple of queries I had on the designs, and they have not seen this piece before publication. The only difference between this and most other crowdfunding writeups is the creator contacted me before I saw it on Kickstarter.

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