Streaming On Hold and Holiday Break Plans 2020

Just as I start getting into it, the changes pile up!

So looking at a few things, my streaming setup needs a bit more work than I thought to continue on any platform. The timing for this really bites, and I am sorry about this.

The biggest issue is timing. Not time for a change, but timing. There are a few things to go into to explain what I mean for this.

First off – the annual site break

I always shut down at the end of the year from regular updates, and of course this year it happens as I am starting to get back into it properly.

Looking at the calendar correctly, I think the best way to handle the break is to take an extended break. As I mentioned in Last Week’s Gaming, December is a busy time work-wise, and I have the below to sort out.

So regular updates will stop Saturday, December 12th and resume Monday, January 4th. This means a three-week break this year, but don’t be surprised if random things are posted on Instagram!

Site Break Calendar
For someone that works to weird deadlines, my sense of time is terrible

PC Upgrade

I am waiting on a CPU to do a full PC upgrade. This will mean wiping everything I currently have setup. Sure, backup and restoration is a thing. Still, there will be a lot of hardware changes which means it’s effectively resetting everything.

Why am I upgrading? Well, my current system is excellent for gaming and streaming, but the extras I add for work are pushing it quite a bit. I will talk about my PC in greater detail in a couple of articles starting tomorrow.

I am doing a multi-part series in helping you to understand what the critical choices are and how they affect you. Tune in tomorrow for part 1!

Not quite what I am upgrading too, but I am crossing to AMD for the next 2-3 years


I have enjoyed the couple of Witcher Wednesday’s so far, and can’t wait to jump back into it. The portion I am really looking forward to is streaming solo board gaming, and that is giving me some technical hiccups.

There are fixes (there always are), but I need to spend a couple of days resetting my PC. While I am happy to do so, I am not as comfortable doing it for a single stream and potentially doing it all over again. This is where the known PC upgrade comes into play, and without a firm ETA on my CPU, planning this work is a nightmare!

Over the last few days, I have been looking into lots of things with streaming to YouTube/Twitch/Floatplane and a few others. Each has pros and cons, and my main concern is what will work best for viewing.

My desk wiring isn't too much. But it is a close competition at the moment!

At the moment, YouTube wins. I am not happy with the ads that they can just throw onto my videos, but Twitch ads are getting more and more invasive as well. I can stream in higher quality than Twitch, and you can view it in different formats.

Floatplane actually offers a few more quality options to viewers, but there is a considerable drawback for me. You would need to subscribe to the channel with a monthly fee and use another program to watch the videos. Monetisation isn’t my priority, and there are personal costs involved even if I make the monthly subscription enough just to cover the expenses. So price excludes Floatplane for me. Same as Vimeo. At least at the moment.

My dreams of streaming in ultrawide format have been thwarted. There are ways to do it on YouTube, but it just isn’t worth the extra hassle and potential trouble spots.

There will be a complete revamp of my underused YouTube site

That said, I am still looking into my options, and the downtime while waiting to upgrade my PC will make this hopefully go smoother for everyone!

So at the moment, streaming will be back with a schedule announced when the site comes back next year.

Is YouTube the final solution then?

For streaming, it’s still up in the air. I am leaning that way, but I don’t have a final solution yet. But what is happening next year is getting more heavily into the video content, so the youtube channel is being revamped no matter what. I have started scripting some content, and filming will commence soon.

There will be regular content revolved around tech that I find interesting. These will be ‘talking head’ videos where I can give some thoughts on new tech and announcements. I will talk a bit more about this tomorrow.

Games I will leave as written site content. At least, writing about them. I still want to stream Print and Play (or some retail games depending on rules) that we can play, but I will do a How to Play video beforehand.

So even without streaming, YouTube should be seeing 4-6 videos a month at a minimum – an exciting time to be sure!

So now hopefully you have an idea on what is happening. Any thoughts/comments reach out!

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Until next time,

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