Stranger Things LEGO set available from today

Do you want to explore the Upside Down?

LEGO is definitely not a company that shies away from a design challenge, and I can only imagine that is what Netflix series Stranger Things presented to them.

Available from today from the Lego store (as long as you are a LEGO VIP at least, Just 1st for the rest of us), you can spend AUD$349.99 for this 2,287 piece engineering and visual feat!

The set is called ‘The Upside Down’, and not only shows the Byer’s home from the series, but directly underneath is the alternate dimension Upside Down.

You can decide where to place the 8 minifigs and Jeep in the set, and even which side is ‘up’.  The trees on the side act as the stands for the set, with the house(s?) floating in the centre.

Everything looks normal in the Byer house. As long as you don't look too deeply...
If you would prefer to show off Will's adventures in the Upside Down, that works too!

I tried to look at the building instructions, but they aren’t online yet. Alpal will probably tell me it’s not a really hard build.  I am going to disagree – that looks like a lot of little fiddly pieces.

If you want to check out the Upside Down yourself, you can check it out on the Australian LEGO site here. Be careful though – it can be a dangerous rabbit hole, and not just because of the Stranger Things tie in.  I just found out you can make a LEGO Voltron!

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