Starship Samurai. Do you want to know more?

What is there not to like about huge robot Samurai in space?

So this is a little bit of a teaser bit of info. There isn’t a lot known about Starship Samurai publicly yet. This new game isn’t even on the Plaid Hat website yet!

There is a description on the Board Game Geek list though. Starship Samurai seems to take the feudal Japan theme we all know and drops it in space. Rather than vast armies of Samurai crossing Japan, these huge piloted mechs are likely hero pieces in an epic space battle.

I am getting a feeling of the 80’s board game Shogun from Milton Bradley more than the recent Rising Sun. There is a hint at trade and negotiation involved in the blurb, but it’s marketing so I am trying to not assume too much. I would assume these elements would be somewhat enhanced from the original Shogun.

One thing that is undeniable though is the miniatures in Starship Samurai look amazing. Plaid Hat has a reasonable track record with minis. You can see examples of this in Mice and Mystics as well as the new Stuffed Fables. While a great mini doesn’t make a great game, this is a game I will keep an eye on. At the worst, I will get some great models to paint and play with!

Isaac Vega has been going from strength to strength at Plaid Hat. The board game version of Bioshock Infinite was a reasonable game, and I quite enjoy Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn. I am interested to see his latest work has to offer.

Starship Samurai is due to hit the US market in March 2018, so it won’t take to long to see what it’s all about.

Check out the Starship Samurai Board Game Geek page here.

Starship Samurai Box Art
Plaid Hat has definitely gone all out to try and make these minis as awesome as possible
Samurai Render
Samurai Render
Samurai Render
Samurai Render

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Starship Samurai is available for preorder on the plaid hat site!  The full rules are now available to read, and I talk about them in an article on what I look for in rules when picking games to play.  You can read the article here.

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