Star Wars: Legion is coming

Miniature Skirmish Games. I have been known to play one or two in my time.

Imperial Assault has a skirmish type mode, but Fantasy Flight have gone all out and announced Legion to have a completely standalone ground skirmish experience.

I started with the mindset of nope. I already don’t have enough time to play some of the games I really want to, and newer additions like Armada suffered for it.

But somehow Legion made it onto my BGG Wishlist, and my FLGS has dutifully preordered it for me (Thanks, Tim!). I didn’t stop it, I thought “It’s the core set. It will be enough for a couple of us to try it out and leave it at that”.

Then the first wave of expansions came in. In a lot of ways, there are no surprises. A lot of these units were released for Imperial Assault, so I thought it would be easy to withstand the first wave.

But I had to look at the preorder units didn’t I. And they have SPEEDER BIKES. I don’t have speeder bikes 

Well played Fantasy Flight. Well played. The core set hasn’t even been released yet, and I am planning my next purchase.

You can see the official Fantasy Flight announcement here.

Star Wars Legion Starter

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