Stage one of the site update is complete!

Don’t you love it when you spend ages working on something, but it looks like nothing changes?

So if you are reading this, the first round of site updates is now complete. As you can see, there is very little visually different to the site.

What I also hope you noticed is the page loading faster. Slightly noticeable on the desktop, much faster on mobile. This isn’t over though – I have a lot more changes to do!

There are two big changes you will see though.

Firstly – no more comments. While I did enjoy reading the comments that were posted, the cost was just too high. Performance cost, that is. So, if you want to talk to me, for now, come over and post on my Facebook page.

Secondly, if you click on a photo to get it to enlarge, it will open that image on it’s own. No more loading the pretty box. This does mean you will have to click back in your browser. It should take you to the same spot when you do this though!

How meta! Clicking on pictures will take you to a new page now. Just hit back to return to where you were!

So what’s next? Stage 2?

Sort of – but really I will have a Stage 2, and an ‘Ongoing Update’ project happening at the same time.

The Ongoing Update will begin with reorganising the site content. A lot of ideas have come and gone over time, so these will be moved to a new archives area.

Everything that has been posted will remain, they will just be moved to a new place. I need to play with a few different ways of doing this, as I also don’t want to break any existing links that are out there.

Part of this will also be fixing a lot the old content layout to a new format. I will be starting with the archive content, and progressively updating everything else over time.

That sounds like a lot of work!

It will be! Hence I am pottering along as and when I can. The archives and layout will be done, but not that the site is working more the way I want it to I can do this over time.

This means now I can finally concentrate on finishing my video and streaming setup, and start getting all of that started.

Stage 2 – Videos and Streaming

Yep, it’s getting REALLY close. Technically, I have things to the point that I should only need an afternoon to finish setting everything up. I could start streaming at the end of September – but I don’t think I will just yet.

The idea with the stream was to do some ‘gaming’ and ‘projects’. This is still pretty much the plan, but I have sat down and thought about it a bit more.

The new video based plan

So each week, I will do a stream where I play through a particular solo game. Intially, these will probably be Print and Play based games. This is more so I can fine tune everything – think of them as practice runs!

Thinking about this a bit, I realised that this would mean a lot of teaching on stream before playing. While I am sitting there teaching a game (and possibly one you aren’t interested in), it’s going to be a pretty boring stream.

Once I did the stream, I could copy the teaching section to YouTube as a tutorial. The downside to this is mistakes, distractions and the like will be in the video. Great while we are chatting, not always welcome in a How To Play video.

So I am going to make videos first, where I teach the game and I can upload them to YouTube. This will give me time to edit, refine and correct the instructions as I play.

My thinking is that you can then see what the game is on YouTube and if it looks interesting learn how to play so you can play along with me on Stream.

How can I play along with you? I am not buying a game just for that!

Well, that’s why I was thinking of starting with Print and Plays! For the low, low cost of printing out some pages, we could play the game at the same time and see how we go!

Think of a game like Welcome To… – as long as you have a score sheet and can see the cards, you can play to get a higher score than me. Or games like Lockpicks, where you can use the same rolls but on different locks and see if you fare better than I do!

And that’s just the beginning! 😀

A sheet of paper, some dice and a pen. Not much setup required 🙂

So I hope this sounds as good to you as it does to me! If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns post them over on my Facebook page or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter or Instragam!

Until next time,

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