Space Goat Productions Update – from a Lynnvander perspective

A unique insight into a (hopefully) unique situation

Lynnvander Productions is a company in my personal universe that I am aware of and will be watching for many games to come.

The first game I saw of those was Sherwood’s Legacy, and while there are some issues I love the concept and the potential of the series.

Recently I mentioned them on the site because of Terminator: Genisys Board Game.  Here I mentioned the relationship with Space Goat Productions and how some alarm bells were going off in my mind, but I was happy to wait and see where it went.

Well, Lynnvander founder and game designer Tommy Gofton recently restarted the Lynnvander Designer Diaries and the eighth episode has some amazing insight into many aspects of Kickstarter, Space Goat, and business in game design and publishing in general.

I myself raised an eyebrow at Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance.  There is an upcoming Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) Kickstarter game with their name attached.

The video isn’t short at 20 minutes, but it is a great listen.  This is very much Tommy’s side of the story, but the information is presented simply and as his side of the story and how things ‘work’ in designing and publishing in general, making it a diary I think anyone interested in gaming may be interested in listening to.

Lynnvander Designer Diary Episode 8

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