Sony begins it’s Days of Play with the announcement of Tetris Effect

The tetromino’s are coming – and in VR!?!

Sony will be making an announcement a day in the lead up to E3 next week.

Wow.  This E3 will either be full of even more amazing announcements or devoid of surprises.  If it’s the latter, I hope a lot of lucky people attending will get some hands-on with some of these titles.

Today’s title is Tetris Effect.  I could describe Tetris, but I think everyone knows you like up blocks to make lines until you can’t.  Really, that’s Tetris.  It’s almost zen-like when you play, and I bought Puyo Puyo Tetris for the Switch just to play Tetris on the Switch.

But Tetris Effect will likely be something even more unique.   From Enhance Games and headed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Tetris is essentially going to get the Rez treatment.

I can try to explain this, but watch the reveal trailer to see and more importantly hear what I mean.

Tetris Effect - E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

I will be getting this on PS4.  How could I not?  Even an old semi tone-deaf Jazz and Blues fan like myself can’t help but be impressed with the gorgeous soundtrack and visuals.

PSVR though?  On one hand, I am glad to see Sony continuing to commit to the platform, as there will be more VR announcements in the lead up to E3.  I just can’t see how VR would improve the experience.  That said, the few people I know that have played Rez Infinite in VR said it’s an amazing experience, so maybe I just need to try it?

I won’t have to wait too long – Tetris Effect has a release window of Fall 2018.  Hopefully, it comes out before Beat Saber on PSVR though.  That way I can jump around with Beat Saber, and relax with Tetris Effect afterwards!

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