Sometime, the stupidest movies make the best watching. Like Rampage.

It’s called Mindless Entertainment for a reason

I love a good story.  Strong worldbuilding.  Character development.  Done right, these elements can immerse you in another world with nothing but words.

Some films take this to another level.  And some films look at all that work and just say ‘Nah.’

In honour of the release of Rampage, I thought I would quickly share a couple of films that look set to be a lot of fun, even if they are light on plot.  Or common sense.

Just go with them.  It will be better for everyone 🙂

Rampage – April 12

Kicking off the list is today’s featured release.  Rampage stars Dwayne Johnson being his usual hilarious self, with a huge gorilla, wolf and alligator doing stuff to give him an excuse to be completely over the top.

Yes, it has something to do with the video game.  But that didn’t have much of a plot either, so no complaining!


Upgrade – June 1

What happens if you mix John Wick with the 6 Million Dollar Man, with a dash of Siri?  You get Upgrade.

Now, this has the potential to be a fairly deep film overall.  It also has the potential to flop big time.  But if the film is anything like the trailer, I am going to end up laughing for all the wrong reasons.

The Meg – August 10?

I enjoy Jason Statham action movies.  Films like The Transporter and even Crank make me laugh out loud.

I don’t know how physical Statham will get given the subject material, but any excuse for a massive shark and tongue in cheek humor works well for me!

These are only a fraction of the films I want to see this year.  It is a pretty big part of the mindless fun faction.  Marvel doesn’t count though.  Be honest – Marvel is definitely its own category.

What about you?  What are you keen to see this year?

Until then, have a ball!

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