So you want to play the game

The hardest to Google game ever goes head to head

The Game. That’s the whole title. There is technically a subtitle of ‘Are you ready to play?’ but that doesn’t help much.

That said, The Game is a fun cooperative game where up to five people try to order piles of cards in ascending or descending order. That’s it. From describing the game, it shouldn’t be as fun as it is, but there you go. An updated version came out called The Game: Extreme that added rules and conditions to just over a quarter of the deck, but it was mainly the same game.

One thing both versions have in common is the feeling of heartbreak as you get so close to completing the puzzle, only for the last or second last player to look up in horror and realise they can’t put any cards down, losing the game for the whole group. That sense of so close is both a blessing and a curse in games like this. It makes you want to do it just one more time, but like any cooperative game, it can also make the people that did get their cards out feel cheated at a victory.

Well, luckily for those people comes The Game: Face to Face. Now, two players square off against each other to be the first to get all of their cards down. It’s almost the same game overall, but there are some changes. Each player has their own cards that range between 1 and 60 now. You each have a discard pile, one ascending and one descending, and you can only play a single card on your opponent’s pile, and it must ‘help’ them. Helping is defined as a lower card on the descending pile, and a higher card on the ascending pile. These rules are a little open for interpretation, so there is I think room for some blatant ‘cop that’ style play, but a lot has to fall into place for this to work so I don’t think that will hurt too often.

Either way The Game: Face to Face looks like a novel twist that opens itself to a wider group of people, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to give it a play.

The Game Face to Face Box Art
The Game will test your memory and logic
Such simple components should not cause this much tension

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