So times (and content) are changing

So what’s happening with content?

On the 13th of March, I put up a poll on the Facebook page about the general direction of the content of the site. The choices where more should I concentrate on my personal history and why I get excited about certain things or keep little daily tidbits of news going.

There was only one response apparently:

It’s hard to argue with that kind of vote, so I am writing up a few new pieces that should start being posted Good Friday, followed by the fourth Blatherings episode on Saturday!

This means after Easter, I will be regularly posting longer articles 2-3 times a week, and Saturdays will remain alternating Review and Blatherings days. Now and then a bit of news on things that catch my eye like Kickstarters or various announcements will be put up, but not on a regular schedule. Still no posts on Sunday though!

Thank you all for the feedback so far, it has all been appreciated.  Hopefully we can continue to build a great site together!

Detective Pikachu on the 3DS

So I picked up Detective Pikachu on Saturday, and currently, I think I am about 1/2-2/3 of the way through the game. Detective Pikachu will probably be my first video game review at the rate I am playing because compared to the rest of my gaming backlog I am flying through this one.

It plays more like an interactive comic book than a traditional Pokemon game, and the story so far seems to hold true to all the standard detective fiction tropes (which is why I think I can tell how far I am in the story). Detective Pikachu isn’t intended as a hard-hitting mind bender game though, so the light puzzles and story suit the game well.

I am having a lot of fun with Detective Pikachu, but I will give a full review once I have finished the game. I will also include what I think of the massive Detective Pikachu Amiibo!

Some games I want to play over Easter

So waiting for me at my local games shop is the Fast Foward series of games from Friedemann Friese. The series comprises of three games: Fear, Fortress and Flee, and each promises to be a different experience.

These are three games based on the Fabled Fruit system where you simply open the box and start playing. The rules are explained on cards that you draw from a deck of presorted cards allowing such quick gameplay.

Friedemann Friese is a designer that I enjoy the idea behind a lot of his games, but I don’t enjoy playing many of them.  Friday to this day is still one of my favourite solo games, and Power Grid is enjoyable with the right crowd. The recent solo game Finished finished is fun, but not one I can see myself playing over and over like I did with Friday.

The reviews I have heard have been a little mixed for the series, but positive enough overall that I really want to try them for myself. As a concept this has got my interest, so look out for a full review of the Fast Forward Series hopefully soon!

A deserving Kickstarter is SO CLOSE to funding!

I know I have mentioned this Kickstarter a few times, but it’s SO CLOSE to being funded at around 89{dfca638b9dbdbc1caf156b9b6679a983a965572ca56a786c9cf360ad3783820c}!  If you like games like Zombicide, do yourself a favour and check out Secret Unkown Stuff: Escape from Dulce from Sentient Cow Games.

There are now plenty of gameplay videos now available, and the team is great to communicate with. This looks like a fun game that will probably replace Zombicide for me for my light ‘dice chucker/dungeon crawler’ type games. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the jokes are right up my alley 😀

I am hoping that some of the bigger releases lately like Batman Gotham City Chronicles haven’t overshadowed this game, especially when there is a trilogy of games announced so it all has a plan.  Compare this to the annual Zombicide additions/reboots, this is a project I feel deserves to be given a chance.

Until next time,

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