So my hair is going to a new home soon

So you know I can’t do this too often – hair doesn’t grow that fast!

Good morning everyone.  I know Tuesday’s are normally a review day, but I am soon doing something and I wanted to share.

A couple of years ago, I turned 40 and decided to have my version of a mid-life crisis and grow my hair.  I had very short hair since my early 20’s and decided on a change.  I was going to grow my hair back because I could.

That was it – because I could.  I knew there was nothing really more to it, and it would only last a couple of years.  Well, that didn’t quite work out as you will see.

In 2016 I was going through a few physical issues, and as for everyone that wasn’t fun.  It never is.  While staying at home and going to rehab I overheard someone talking about wigs for cancer patients and kids of varying medical conditions, and wondered why I had never really thought of this.

I knew that there were plenty of people that wore wigs during traumatic times like chemotherapy and other medical conditions, but I never really thought about the costs involved.

Just over a year later, and I was having fun with the new look

I knew people that wore costume wigs for cosplay, acting and the like and knew that they could spend a couple of hundred on a wig at any time.  I also saw the quality of those wigs, and anyone that says you can wear them all the time is kidding themselves – they don’t look that great.

I nearly fell over when a woman was quoted about $1,800 for a wig made of real hair for her son.  It wasn’t even for anything special – it would just essentially be a short back and sides with a bit of fringe affair.

It was listening to the ensuing conversation that I made up my mind what I was going to do with my growing hair – I was going to donate it.  What was the point in growing it only to cut it off and throw it away?

Well, it has gotten to that point.  The locks are going to cut, and the tail donated to the Variety ‘Hair with Heart’ program.

There is a surprising amount of requirements for donating hair.  One is the hair has to be 14 inches to help make longer wigs.  Another is your hair cannot have any form of dye or colour in it, as this makes the hair unsuitable for wig creation.

The Hair
It's been years in the making, and it's going to get a new home

But I have reached this stage and then some, and now my hair is going to go to a new home.

Now talking about Charity, an event like this is encouraged to have a fundraiser attached. While a great idea, it’s not something I can really do.  My decision to donate my hair is my decision, and I don’t need to rally up people and hit a magical target in order to do what I had already decided.

What I am doing is sharing what I am up to, and my reasons behind doing so. You may be someone like I was thinking of cutting longer hair or growing theirs out, and didn’t realise that the cut off hair could help so many people.

There are a few organisations that accept hair, but I chose Variety because of their emphasis on working with many medical causes.  Believe me, it wasn’t an easy choice.  Both organisations are dedicated to helping people and are worthy causes, but I only have one head of hair.

And this is where I start adding links to the organisations, and their donation pages.  Now as I said this isn’t a fundraiser – is not raising or claiming to raise any money, but if you want to know more and perhaps help, the following information is for you.

Just some confirmation before continuing – as always, all of the below links are ‘normal’ HTML links that open in a new window.  There are no referral links or codes at all, these are all of the same links you get from Google searches.  If you would rather see any of the information yourself, please Google Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation or Hair with Heart for more information.

The Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) has been going since 2010 and has a lot of information on Alopecia Areata and their programs.  They are a smaller organisation and focus on Alopecia Areata, but I never knew this condition existed.  Donations not only go towards having wigs made, but helps families pay for those wigs as well.  You can learn more on donating hair with AAAF here, and cash donations can be made at the bottom of every page.,

Variety is a large Australian charity that helps many children, but I am specifically looking at their Hair with Heart program.  Just like AAAF, Variety helps children affected by hair loss, but the money donated goes towards all of Variety’s programs – equipment, support, etc.

If you wanted to make a cash donation to Variety, a little watch out for the unwary.  On their Donation page the default setting is for a monthly payment, otherwise, go to your state for a single one-off payment (QLD Link here).

If you do decide to donate your hair and/or some money, thank you.  Even if you only mention such programs exist to people that are about to cut off their locks, that would mean a lot to many people, and I thank you again.

For me, it will be interesting to see what I will look like in a couple of weeks.  Now to try and decide what I am going to do with what’s left.

But that is enough seriousness for the moment.  Tomorrow’s puzzle will bring the site back to its normal gaming roots 🙂

Until then,

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