Snowdonia Deluxe Master Edition is how a big box edition should be

Things are getting interesting for a train game that isn’t Ticket to Ride

Normally if I say I have a train game for new players, they think I mean Ticket to Ride.  While Ticket to Ride is undeniably a board game phenomenon, train games as a genre have a very loyal and hungry player base.  A lot of other train games though have complexity and weight in common, meaning a lot of more casual players get very overwhelmed even looking at them.

By all accounts, Snowdonia falls visually into this category, but when you sit down to play it the gameplay mechanics are simple indeed.  Yes, there is complexity to the game, but it is a game that casual players can sit and get into fairly quickly.

There is also the issue of accessibility.  Snowdonia isn’t impossible to get in Australia, but it isn’t exactly sitting on the shelves waiting to be purchased either.  And this game has had a lot of love.

For what looks like a simple board, there are a lot of cards and components to keep track of!

Which is why I am excited about the Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set currently available on Kickstarter.  I could describe the game in more detail, but honestly, as I haven’t played it before all would be third-hand information.

The idea of big box games (such as the Fresco Big Box) really appeals to me, because it comes with all expansions included.

Snowdonia has gone one better.  Not only does it have all expansions including a previously unprinted one, it has all promo cards as well.  That’s right – if it has been printed for Snowdonia, it’s in the box!

One of the reviews that got me interested in Snowdonia is by Richard ‘Rahdo’ Hamm.  I really enjoy his videos.  I don’t 100{dfca638b9dbdbc1caf156b9b6679a983a965572ca56a786c9cf360ad3783820c} trust the rules explanations, but that’s not why I watch his videos.  When he is playing, even though it’s by himself with a Handycam in one hand, his enthusiasm truly comes through for each game.  You can tell just from the tone and pace of his voice if he likes a game, really likes it, or thinks everyone should absolutely play the game.

If you would like to know more about Snowdonia, I highly recommend the Rahdo Runs Through video (linked below and on the Snowdonia Kickstarter page).

There is another good reason to back this project if you are interested.  This is essentially a Kickstarter Only project, similar to the Smallworld Designer Edition from a few years ago.

While not quite as overboard in components and pricing, this is the only real chance you have of guaranteeing a copy.  There will be a number made available after the promotion it is true but at higher pricing and I would assume essentially convention only sales.

If you like Snowdonia and would like a truly limited run all in one set, then the Kickstarter is just a click away.

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