Site updates 2021 – First stage is done!

There is a good chance you would have already seen this if you use the menus!

As I touched on when the site came back for 2021, I am reorganising its setup. It’s nothing too out there – it’s intent is to make it easier to split up content to what you are interested in. And the Stage 1 updates are now completed!

After many articles edited and looking at setups, I have now reorganised everything into four categories.

Shenanigans – Bits of Interest, Last Week’s Gaming and all the rest!

Shenanigans are my catch for all everything I get up to. If you look under Shenanigans, you can see ‘Bits of Interest’ (otherwise called news or updates) like this article.

Last Week’s Gaming also keeps its own page under Shenanigans. I thought about splitting it up between Board and Video games, but as it’s a quick round-up of everything I do I kept it in the one article.

Other than that, it has everything. All the reviews, crowdfunding and tech articles you have been seeing. So if you stick with Shenanigans, nothing much changes.

Then there is Board Games/Video Games

Two new menus are Board Games and Video Games. They filter everything as the title suggests into their respective category.

So if you want to see only my Board Game content, you can check out this menu to see what you are interested in. Same for Video Games. There will be a small amount of crossover – digital Board Games, or Board Games based on Video Games are examples. But there won’t be much of this.

Stage 2 will be splitting these out to their own socials (Twitter, Facebook and the like) to keep notifications limited to what you are interested in seeing.

Last Week’s Gaming and Bits of Interest will be included in these feeds, but they are split out on the site itself. I don’t want anyone to miss these pieces, but I don’t want to double up on them either. I am sure you don’t want to either!

And Talking Tech now has it’s own section

My tech articles aren’t the site’s primary content, but I want to start doing tech opinions more regularly. To help with that, Talking Tech now has its own section!

Like board and Video Games, Bits of Interest will be included but not Last Week’s Gaming. The tech articles aren’t necessarily gaming-focused, so if you just want to see the tech articles, you can!

What about the streaming stuff?

Well, it looks like my new PC won’t be ready to build before March. Stock issues have me waiting a lot longer than I expected. The streaming and videos are coming, but they will be slower than I wish.

When these start, new sections will be added to the relevant areas. You won’t need to do anything different.

That’s a lot of sites to follow to keep up to date!

You don’t have to do anything differently if you are enjoying the site as it is. Just follow me as you do now. You will still see everything as it comes out.

If you just want to follow a particular topic, now you have an option. When stage 2 is done, I will be doing another article showing you where to go.

The plan is to follow a different page to get just the notifications of interest to you. There are a couple of ways to know what is happening before this happens.

If you use an RSS feeder, you can add feeds today! Go to the bottom of the page, and I have links ready to go.

The new schedule!

You will be able to look for specific content on a set schedule

The schedule is a bit ‘as I do it’, but there are set days I will be doing different articles. I will explain more of what I mean by this below.

Mondays are Last Week’s Gaming. Just a few thoughts on games I have been playing, think of them as mini-reviews and opinions.

Tuesdays are for Talking Tech. I figured I might as well keep all the T’s together!

Wednesdays are for crowdfunding. This could be Board or Video game-related, but mainly Board Games. It’s rare I back tech with crowdfunding, but that is for another article!

Thursdays are for planned Bits of Interest. There is a good chance that Thursdays will be the most common day that a post is ‘missed’. If there isn’t much to talk about, I won’t write anything.

That doesn’t mean that Thursdays will always be blank. Some weeks I may want to talk about another Crowdfunding, for example. Talking Tech articles will be rare, and I won’t be doing any Reviews on Thursdays. But if I am doing something different, it will be here.

Fridays are for Reviews. These will most commonly be for Board Games, as it takes me a while to play a Video Game enough to do a full review. There will only be one review a week, though.

So when will Stage 2 be ready?

Honestly, I don’t know. I had everything planned that by February I would have the extra time the new PC allowed. That’s kind of out the window.

Setting up a Twitter account isn’t precisely time-consuming. Still, I do want to start doing more than using Twitter as a notification tool that an article is up.

Facebook has always been a thorn in my side. The notifications never work reliably, at least that is the feedback I get. Splitting up the Facebook page into even smaller pages is something I really need to nail down how to do well.

So sometime in February?

How many Stages are there?

Four for sure. Maybe Five. Stage 1 is setting up the site to send out info, stage 2 is the socials. Stage 3 is a backup, but I am looking at possibly using email notifications instead of Twitter. This way, you can sign up for what you are interested in following and be emailed when posts go up.

Stages 4 and 5 is Streaming and Videos. These will be on YouTube as previously discussed, but I am fighting the algorithm already. YouTube is a service designed to make money, and my wish to do ad-free and not focus on memberships are not YouTube friendly!

All this is mostly confirmed in general terms, but I need to do even more to make the launch smooth. Wish me luck!

So that’s it – you are now all up to date. Sorry it was so long, but as you can see there is a lot of stuff to cover. Future updates will be much briefer!

Until next time,

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