Site posts are going to get spotty as stock delays kill my plans

Not a huge update, but things have not gone as according to plan as I hoped.

So I wrote how my new PC would give me extra time. I was hoping I would have the new CPU by now, literally the only component missing. Well, according to an update from PLE, I will not be getting it before mid-April at the earliest.

Apparently, my launch day order still doesn’t get an ETA from expected shipments between now and April. Ouch.

This is not a rant about waiting for more than 6 months for a component. There is a worldwide shortage and issues with almost every part of the retail chain. My new computer is coming, it’s just a matter of patience.

No, today I need to reevaluate the updates and plans I had for the site, as I only don’t have the extra time I was planning for.

Streaming and sub-sites are taking the biggest hit

Streaming and videos take time, and I don’t have it. So while I was hoping to be streaming again by next week – that’s not happening. I did record a first impression last week, but I need to tweak a few more bits.

With any luck, I will start doing some more of these in place of streaming short term. It will get there, just need to work it out. The same for the sub-social sites I am planning. If I am not going to post regularly, I don’t feel it’s right to start them.

The timing issue I have now is if I get me new CPU in May, which is coming up against the year’s busiest work – the looming End of Financial Year. I will have to make plans for streaming once I have the CPU in my hot little hands and go from there.

In lieu of long form content, first impressions and mini-plays are on the horizon

Apart from that, expect more breaks on midweek.

As I talked about in the new years’ site plans, if I don’t have anything to write about mid-week, I will skip it. Well, now I might have more to write about, but no time.

I will concentrate on sticking with my reviews on Fridays, but that means Tech, Crowdfunding or Bits of Interest will probably take a hit.

I hope to still post at least 3 times a week, but except for Monday and Friday, there is no guarantee what category I will do something in that week.

Apologies, but there are only so many hours!

I have enjoyed the last few weeks and watching the site grow even more. This tells me I am on the right track, but I need some downtime as well. I was OK pushing for a few weeks – I can’t do it for three months.

I am working on ways to make life easier, but this is project and management that work controls. I have a considerable amount of input into this, but work pays the bills, so…

Anything changes, I will do another update like this. But for the next couple of weeks, if it looks like I have gone quiet you know what is happening!

Site Posts - My Workload
We all know the feeline

Until next time,

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