Shogun and Fresco are getting another Big Box run!

Take over an empire, or complete a painting. The choice is yours.

So there is about a week to go on a different Kickstarter from Queen Games. Two of their most popular titles are getting a new Big Box limited print run – Shogun and Fresco.

Shogun keeps confusing me because it’s a game I used to play years ago but it isn’t the same game everyone keeps talking about. My Shogun was the last of the Hasbro Gamemasters series and is now known more as Ikusa. This Shogun is based on Wallenstein, and while by all accounts a great game, I haven’t had the chance to play it.

Shogun Box

The one I have played though is Fresco, an amazing worker placement game where you are all painters trying to restore a Fresco for a church. It doesn’t sound fun, but Fresco is a surprisingly deep game with many choices and paths available to players to complete their goals.

The Big Box format is basically what you would call a Game of the Year edition in Video Games. Each Big Box comes with all expansions for the respective game in one box. Fresco comes with ten modules over three expansion releases that can be added to the base game individually or all at once for a crazy time. I cannot speak for Shogun, but the game is so popular that if you have ever been interested in either game, this is a great time to grab a copy.

This print run also includes various art and component upgrades, making the offer even more tempting. Shogun especially turns 452 cubes and tiles into custom wooden components, so we aren’t talking a minor upgrade here.

There is also the chance to grab the Kingdom Builder Second Edition Big Box, so the opportunity to grab a fantastic triple pack is amazing!

Looking at the project, Queen Games seems to be giving fans of the games the last chance to get a copy, and the upgrade in art and components could be a thank you or a test of things to come. If you look at the Queen Games site, neither Shogun or Fresco appear in their catalogue, so I don’t think they are pushing to bring back these titles overall, but this is a nice test of the waters maybe?

But if you ever had any interest in either of these games, this is the perfect opportunity to get everything in its entirety. I know I am getting Fresco just for this reason, and seriously considering Shogun as well.

Check out the Kickstarter page here for more information.

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