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April Fools Day 2018

Ahh, April Fools Day. And on Easter Sunday this year. What possibilities! Today just a collection of some April Fools gags that tickled my funny bone in various ways.

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Another one? Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance announced

At the start of the Easter holidays and the end in sight for a hard work week, an announcement this morning for Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance took me down a surprising path of prejudging things and why I was doing it.

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Playstation VR Price Cut Coming April 2nd

I recently wrote how dollar for dollar PlayStation VR is the cheapest entry point. Coming April 2nd, it just got $130 cheaper.

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PC Building Simulator is actually a thing, and it has potential

I have many (many) years experience in building computer hardware. I was lucky in that I had a great environment to learn in with lots of old computers to rebuild and if they stopped working no issue. Today with the popularity of games like Job Simulator, The Irregular Corporation has taken this to a whole new level. PC Building Simulator not only teaches you how to build a PC, but lets you run a PC workshop and try and fix virtual customers PCs as well.

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Poking The Lion

Games Workshop has a history of being a ‘trademark bully’. It’s possible that a Kickstarter project is trying to put this reputation to the test with a new campaign.

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