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The Rogue Set is here

Roll the dice you Rogue, and see what happens to you! Wait, I see what you did there…

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Release the Kickstarter!

A great designer is starting a new Kickstarter project for a game that I think has gone under the radar, but also one that keeps being pushed down the playlist.

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A disturbance in the force…

Something old is new again! Well, it will be soon at least.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Expansions for 2018

While I enjoy a lot of games, sometimes one is put to the side because the puzzle is solved or everyone has a set way of playing that makes the game easy to predict. This is where the expansions come in!

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Top 10 Games I Own – But Have Yet To Play! 2018

2017 was an AMAZING year for gaming. Normally I have a game or two on the side I haven’t been able to get to the table, but this year I could do an entire top 10!

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