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Pretty much everything I get up to, short of the formal reviews.

But I thought that cheaters never prospered? Wrong again!

What do you do when the world doesn’t play Monopoly the right way? You bring out the Cheaters Edition that’s what!

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So who noticed the weird menu item? Did you?

So you may have noticed there is a little menu item that might not make sense. But what else do you call the ramblings of an old man? I think JohnHQLD’s Blatherings is a good description!

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So you want to play the game

Cooperative games can be fun with the right group. And then there are those players that just want to win even at the expense of the others. The Game: Face to Face is a game for those people 🙂

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I’m Back!

Welcome to the revamped JohnHQLD site! We all know how life catches up with you, and I have had to juggle more than I hoped with a few things to try and get back on top of the pile.  But now that all that is mostly sorted, things are looking up again 🙂 Over the [...]
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Can you keep a secret?

Well I knew that there would be some coming this year, but I didn’t expect it would be announced so soon!

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