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Viceroy: Times of Darkness is on Kickstarter!

Viceroy is one of those games that I don’t get to play often enough. A little too heavy for a light game, but too light for a serious session. Time to see if Viceroy: Times of Darkness can help with that.

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Plaid Hat seems to know people like free stuff

There are plenty of reasons for me to want to play Stuffed Fables, and now Plaid Hat is providing more for free!

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Sorry guys, Blatherings is being delayed

Ummmm… Well… That didn’t work 🙁  That’s one way to keep an old man quiet I suppose!

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UBOOT The Board Game – A very interesting Kickstarter

It may only be for some, but when you want to play a submarine simulation with your friends, but don’t want to sit at your PC, what can you do?

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Mayfair Games, a publishing staple is closing it’s doors.

Mayfair Games, best known for The Settlers of Catan, has announced they are closing their doors. Asmodee continues to grow with Mayfair and Lookout Games catalogues.

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