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Zombicide Invader now on Kickstarter

The third Iteration of Zombicide is absolutely raking it in over on Kickstarter, as expected. CMON has put the rules up straight away, so I’ve been able to look at more than just the beautiful miniatures and wonder if I should back it. So, my thoughts on Zombicide Invader

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Choose Your Own Adventure now has a new look

‘Fighting Fantasy’, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Pick A Path’ books were my first adventure experiences growing up. Might show my age a bit there 🙂 But a bit of a renaissance is being enjoyed for a few of these titles, with Z-Man giving Choose Your Own Adventure a new look

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Pirate T.I.M.E. Stories Brotherhood of the Coast is on it’s way!

I really enjoy the T.I.M.E. Stories series. I just wish that expansion stories came out faster! I have been waiting for Brotherhood of the Coast for almost a year, but the wait is now in the final stretch! Also, dumb challenge of the month – binge watch the amazing Black Sails, then watch Muppet Treasure Island.

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Sometime, the stupidest movies make the best watching. Like Rampage.

Rampage with Dwayne Johnson comes out today. Yes, I used to play the video game back in the day, but I don’t think that will have too much bearing on the plot. But sometimes, you don’t really want a plot. Just a series of events that will keep you entertained.

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25 years on, I’m finally getting a linking book! Myst 25th Anniversary Edition now on Kickstarter

The game that helped sell CD-Rom drives is coming back! Cyan has managed to get the entire Myst series together for the first time in an amazing 25th anniversary edition, and at higher tiers has a linking book complete with LCD screen! Nostalgia sells people, what can I say?

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