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Hellboy is back! Well, in Board Game form.

Hellboy Box Art

I am with Guillermo del Toro – Rob Pearlman IS Hellboy. That said, I can’t wait for the new Hellboy movie to come out – different doesn’t mean bad after all! But in the meantime, Mantic Games has released a gorgeous looking board game on Kickstarter to help tide over the Hellboy cravings!

Mensa Select 2018 Winners Announced

Mensa Select Seal

Board game awards are great things to me. Sometimes, it’s because I get to see games I love get the recognition they deserve. Other times, it’s because I find out about a great game that I can go and try. Yesterday, American Mensa announced their 2018 Mensa Select Board Game Winners.

Battletech is almost here!

Battletech Feature

Sometime around November 2015, I backed one of my first digital Kickstarter projects – Battletech. Harebrained Schemes, apart from having an awesome company name, has a great track record and Jordan Weisman on board. April 25th my time, Battletech will unlock on my PC. This is going to be great!