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Puzzle of the Week November 21st 2018

The year is running out, and everyone is starting to run around. So I thought about bikes this week… Can you guess this week’s puzzle?

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Last Week’s Gaming – November 19th, 2018

Another week, a whole lot of gaming went down! Video games got a slightly bigger look in than normal, but not as much as I would have liked. Board game wise though, a lot of time was spent at the table this week.

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Love Letter has gone digital

I don’t know mostly unplug from the internet for 2 weeks, and then get hit with a bunch of news! This one is a quick little pearl though – Love Letter is now available on iOS, Android, and Steam!

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Puzzle of the Week November 14th 2018

Halfway through November, and some of you may be thinking of Christmas shopping. Here is a great gift idea, if you can guess the game!

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Stan Lee passes at 95

November 12th US time, it is official. The living legend Stan Lee has passed away.

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