Pretty much everything I get up to, short of the formal reviews.

Streaming On Hold and Holiday Break Plans 2020

Witcher Wednesday’s were fun, and updates required to get the board game side have clashed. So the break is going to take a little longer than anticipated, mainly because I would start up again just before the site’s end of year holiday break! That doesn’t mean that things aren’t in motion – check out what is happening at the link below!

December Highlights 2020

2020 is almost over. December is here – it’s the final stretch! There are a couple of games (and an expansion) I am looking forward to this month, but honestly, December is going to be dominated by work and Cyberpunk. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other games I am not keeping an eye on!

Last Week’s Gaming

Time for another round of Last Weeks Gaming! So much relaxing. The batteries are charging, and for the first time in a couple of years, I am not waiting for ‘the next thing’ to happen. It’s great. I hope you are doing well as well! But just because I have been chilling, doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting some gaming in!

Witcher Wednesdays and Twitch Challenges

So I am postponing this week’s Witcher Wednesday. There are changes that were coming to Twitch that I was betting on, and they aren’t coming. So this means I need to do some more planning and weighing pros and cons both for me and for viewers. Read more of my thoughts on all this by clicking the link!

Last Week’s Gaming

Alpal was hoping to get in a game of Safranito as the new version Hibachi is currently on Kickstarter. What better reason to get in some new gaming? We played Fossilis and I have another Platinum, so last week’s gaming I think can be considered a success! I hope your week was equally as productive!

Last Week’s Gaming

Video game challenges complete, next-gen console launches, streaming Witcher, and holidays coming up – last week was such a huge one! I have split out some specific gaming for other pieces, but I hope you had as good a week as I did!

Last Week’s Gaming

Back to playing board games last week! It’s weird, I am so used to getting in a game or five I really miss it when I don’t. But gaming last week meant I could finally play Kingdom Builder, and Alpal introduced me to Unicorn Fever. And Man of Medan has me chugging towards my last Platinum Challenge goal!

November Highlights 2020

There is more to November than Cyberpunk 2077, doubly so now it has been delayed. So today I am going over my November Highlights – there is so much going on, it was hard to restrict myself! Gaming wise just the next-gen consoles have plenty to offer, but more is happening that just consoles!

Last Week’s Gaming

So this latest Last Weeks Gaming is all about the one game I played last week. Yep – I had a one-game gaming week. And all on one night. Halloween was spent in spooky fashion with the first of the Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan. But there is a lot more coming this week. The downtime has been well used, so get ready for November!

Last Week’s Gaming

I am really looking forward to my holidays in late November. This weekend, everything caught up to me and I was so tired. I still got some gaming in last week though, and even managed to finish of my first Gaming Challenge of 2020!