Pretty much everything I get up to, short of the formal reviews.

Last Week’s Gaming

The workaround for the delays in my PC is almost in place. I just need to get through this week and tweak any setups. And just in time too – Bravely Default II comes out this week! But that’s future games. This is Last Week’s Gaming! Again, not a lot, but I did get in some gaming and I have more detailed thoughts this week.

Willy’s Wonderland – This movie shouldn’t be as good as it is

Saturday I took a rest day after a long week. Lucky for me, Saturday was also the release for the Nicolas Cage film Willy’s Wonderland. After watching the trailer, I decided that I had to sit back and enjoy some B grade goodness. What Rabbit and I experienced was not the mindless laugh we were expecting, but a surprisingly enjoyable (but still B grade) film that I can see becoming a cult classic.

Last Week’s Gaming

After a long week, I didn’t get much gaming in. I even had to bow out on normal Saturday games session. I did get to spend a great day with Rabbit catching up on a lot of shows though! But that’s not what Mondays are about. Monday’s are for games! What did you play last week?

Last Week’s Gaming

Last week was a hard one on me. I hoped to have my new PC by now, but that looks like it will be another 3 months. Gaming wise, not a problem. Workload wise – wow. But I got in some really good gaming sessions last week, which always helps to get through the week!

Last Week’s Gaming

Last week was a big one for me. By the time it got to Saturday and gaming with Alpal, I was thankful we were in the ‘small games’ run. I don’t think I could have fully survived Clank! Legacy this week! But as usual, there was gaming and lots of thoughts to share.

February 2021 Highlights

This year there are a lot of new releases happening this February. This is good overall, as February is normally a funny month. Too late for the new announcements, and too soon for the end of quarter announcements. But there is always something to look forward to though, even if one this month I am watching to see if the publisher caves.

Last Week’s Gaming

It’s Monday, so time for Last Weeks Gaming! I ended up getting the Platinum for Immortals, we played the next session of Clank! Legacy, and of course I jumped straight into the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo! On top of that, I also started with my first ‘backlog’ game of 2021 – God of War. It was a busy week, but it was a great round of gaming!

Site updates 2021 – First stage is done!

When I came back, I talked about changes I was looking to make with the site. The intention was to make searching and being notified on what you are interested easier to find. Well, I am happy to say that Stage 1 is now complete! What does this mean? Well, I go into the changes and future updates in detail today.

Last Week’s Gaming

Another week, another round up of last week’s gaming! Between working on a few things for the site and an… interesting work week, I had a strange gaming week. It was a lot of fun, but I played a lot of games I had previously reviewed! What were they? Only one way to find out!