Sea of Thieves comes out today! Play it on PC for almost nothing!

I always said the Shenanigans are eternal here 🙂

So the chances of me playing Sea of Thieves today is incredibly small.  I didn’t give in to temptation and buy the XBOX One X, and I have a work thing tonight so I won’t be playing then either.

But I thought to myself I can put it on my PC at least!  And for free(ish) as well.

I already technically have an XBOX account, as it’s just a normal Microsoft Account.  Now Sea of Thieves is kind of an XBOX exclusive, but it is a Play Anywhere title with their new initiative so as long as I have a Game Pass and probably XBOX Live Gold for multiplayer, I should be all set.

So this morning I set up for the 14-day Game Pass trial.  Done no issues, painless experience.  I don’t set up Gold, wait and see if I need it (which I probably will).  Go to the Microsoft Store, and there waiting for me:

Sea of Thieves Install

So by the time I have to go to work today, I will at least have Sea of Thieves preinstalled on my PC to give it a go.  The store seems to be being a bit hammered this morning though, I am downloading about a quarter of what I should be getting from the store, but it’s day one release and all and a preinstall so I’m not worried.  Be careful if you’re waiting to do this and play straight away though, you could have a wait.

Hopefully, sometime in the next couple of nights, I will be able to play and see what Sea of Thieves is like for myself.  But if you can try it out (especially with the essentially free 2 weeks with the possible exception of XBOX Live Gold) please do and let me know what you think!

Until next time,

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