Ramblings 014 – Sherlock: Last Call

How much fun can it really be?  Well, we had a ball!

So Alpal is back, and of course one of the first things she shows me is a completely new game.

Sherlock: Last Call may look like the Unlock! series, but it shares more with Sherlock Consulting Detective than the escape room series.  And just like any one and done adventure, it’s hard to describe exactly why it’s fun without spoilers.  But we do get through it spoilers!

The one thing we didn’t get through it without was a very excited Jessie Jaws that will one day probably have her own segment on the show 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


Where is the podcast?

Unfortunately, I have had to take down the entire old podcast hosting service. This means the source files are no longer on the internet.

Thank you for the interest. I have some new podcast ideas that will be coming later in 2021. I hope to see you then!

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