Radlands Card Game on Kickstarter now

Taking on a neon post-apocalyptic dystopia one player at a time.

Quick Update: The Radlands Kickstarter has gone live, and I have done another piece talking about gameplay and more here.

Radlands is a game that I have my eye on, and I know the Kickstarter launch date – January 26th, 2021. I am not sure if this US or Australian time, but I guess US time meaning Radlands should be live on Kickstarter now. It wasn’t live by the late Wednesday Australian time, even though Roxley’s Radlands page said it was!

Unlike a lot of crowdfunding projects that I write about, Radlands has one large difference. I know very little about the game at all. No gameplay teases, no video buildup, no nothing – just that it’s coming.

I am interested in Radlands as it’s published by Roxley Games. I haven’t written about them much, but I just received my Dice Throne Adventures campaign pledge that I am looking forward to playing soon.

Radlands - Components 1
Pretty straightforward kit for a card game. The Kickstarter also includes playmats apparently.

So why would you be interested in Radlands if you don’t know anything about it?

Being published by Roxley Games definitely bought it to my attention. Like Restoration Games and Renegade Studios, while not every game is a winner I played enough to keep an eye on their catalogue.

Radlands was designed by Daniel Piechnick, a name that many probably don’t know. Even I had to look him up to make sure it was who I was thinking of.

Daniel is an Australian Scrabble Champion and also represented Australia in Magic: The Gathering. While neither notable achievement guarantees he will make a great game designer, the unique mix of skills involved does demonstrate a good understanding of game theory.

Coming out with a competitive two-player card game, I would be very interested to see how Radlands shapes up.

OK, fair enough, but what is Radlands?

I wish I could tell you. I have not seen the game in any form, but I can make a semi-educated guess. From Daniel Piechnick’s history, I would guess a form of an asymmetrical card game, similar to Magic or Netrunner. This is a guess – I could be wildly off the mark.

The teaser video definitely looks interesting.

My guess is that players will control various tribes that have different strengths and weaknesses. The inclusion of water tokens in the Kickstarter tells me that water is the resource you are fighting for, or possibly used to pay for different abilities. Or even both! It’s exciting not knowing at this stage.

Are you backing Radlands?

Sight unseen? No idea. I would like to confirm what Radlands actually is before committing to backing the project. But the low-key marketing and the combination of the designers’ history and publisher has me very intrigued.

When this goes live, I will be travelling down to the Gold Coast for work, so I probably wouldn’t have looked at the project in detail. But rest assured I will be looking into it, and I may do a follow-up piece with my thoughts.

What about you? Has Radlands tickled your interest at all? Check out the Kickstarter project here and see what you think!

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