Quick update to the Space Goat Productions Kickstarters

And I used to like The Sound of Silence

As I posted a few weeks ago, Space Goat Productions was offering equity via a WeFunder campaign.

My response was public – it was the linked article.  The short version was that Space Goat had been following a pattern of silence, and questioned the validity of the ‘Key Facts’ listed on the WeFunder page.

Today, Shon C Bury finally posted on Kickstarter after weeks of silence.  No avenue of questioning seemed to be worthy of a response – Kickstarter, Social Media, or even the Better Business Bureau.

The update:

Terminator Quick Update
Quick Update from Shon C Bury on the Terminator page. The same update was posted to the Evil Dead 2 campaign page.

I would like to know what the new paths on offer are, but in business or indeed any long-term planning revealing information too early can be detrimental.  Space Goat isn’t my company, I don’t own shares (real shares, not the SAFE on offer), I can’t expect any more information.

Considering the almost deafening silence on all other outlets, this small update is the closest to transparency offered to date.  And like so many backers, I wish it was more.

I do hope Shon and Space Goat do find a way forward.  I really do.  Not just for my selfish wish of a game (that, to be honest, I will probably never play at this point even if it is delivered) but for all the people working at Space Goat.

If anything else happens, I will continue to update.

Until later,

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