Pulp Invasion is live now on Kickstarter

Solo gamers take note – the follow up to Pulp Detective is live now on Kickstarter. And it’s probably not what you were expecting!

There are a few games that break out of this mould though. For example, One Deck Dungeon is a favourite of mine. It straddles the bookkeeping and gameplay aspects very well. Another that I have meant to get into based on Alpal’s feedback is Pulp Detective.

It looks like I might have pull my finger out though. This morning, I backed the second in the Pulp series – Pulp Invasion!

Pulp Invasion Captains
Taking covers of old magazines and bringing all those stories into one adventure

So what is a Pulp game?

First off, if you are familiar with Pulp Detective, don’t let that sway you. Not because Pulp Detective is a bad game, Pulp Invasion is just a very different game.

The hallmark of the Pulp series is the artwork. All of the art is covers used in the old Pulp Fiction style magazines. This makes for a very distinctive art style, and also matches the theme of the game well.

All the rights to use the art is sorted, so it gives that great retro and 'pulp' feel

So it’s a space trading game? There are a lot of those already.

On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss Pulp Invasion as a solo trading game. But how would that fit in with an old pulp science fiction story?

No, your characters really an agent of the Intergalactic Council. Your real goal – find the superweapons of the Red Hegemony and stop their invasion plans!

This is done by encountering different aliens and situations (card draw) and use your skills in Science, Combat and Diplomacy to accomplish your goals.

Think you can crack the code to play? Pulp Invasion comes with 6 different captains, so you can try different strategies playing to their individual strengths.

You can see all of the rules for the game here.

I don’t really want games that I just play by myself.

Solo gaming is a niche. Sometimes you want to play a game, and don’t have another player handy. Pulp Invasion has you covered though if you regularly have another player though. This time, you can play competitively with someone else.

So it’s pretty in a retro way, but I don’t know if I will like it.

That’s always a danger. Even with the relatively low cost of Pulp Invasion, if you don’t think it will be fun, you still don’t want to buy it.

Do you have Tabletopia? If so, you are in luck! Pulp Invasion has been made available on the digital tabletop platform. All you need to do is go here to try it out!

If you have Tabletopia, you can give the solo game a try before pledging

All I can tell you apart from that is I am excited, and I have my pledge in for Pulp Invasion and the X1 expansion.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page and have a look for yourself. There will be some more impressions on the game coming soon.

Until next time,

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