PSVR is turning 2! And we can get Borderlands 2 come December!

I love it when we get the presents for someone else’s birthday

So I have talked about VR a few times on the site.  As a technology, it is amazing – and it can only get better.

October 13th is PlayStation VR’s second birthday.  I enjoy PSVR and I can’t wait for games like Beat Saber to come to the platform, but PSVR has a similar problem to it’s bigger siblings in the Vive and Rift.

This problem is big game experiences.  Beat Saber is great, and I don’t mind firing up Operation Warcade and Time Carnage for a bit of fun.

Harls is thinking of finally finishing Farpoint, so I may have some more multiplayer fun with the aim controller soon.

But while these are all fun and great to play, with the exception of Resident Evil 7 there is no big gaming experience.  There are games you can play for a while, but even the amazing Moss is really just a series of isolated experiences.

Time Carnage 05
Shooting waves of incoming dinosaurs is more fun than it should be!

Something out of the blue has been announced to help remedy this though.  Available December 14th, the still fun to play loot collecting absurd shooter Borderlands 2 is coming to PSVR!

*If you feel like being completely irresponsible, have a drink every time you see Virtual or Virtually in the trailer below:

From the video, there seems to be the ‘teleport’ movement mechanic in play.  I am hoping I can play with just the controller, as Resident Evil 7 gave me no problems moving around like this.

With the tease of Tiny Tina, I am assuming that the VR version will include all of the DLC which will be hours of play in a very replayable experience – finally!

There is a downside though.  It looks like the VR version will be solo play only at this stage.  The idea of running around a new environment with Harls and a couple of others doesn’t look like it will be happening – at least not together.

But it’s still early days, and all of this will be confirmed prior to the release.  Apparently, in some countries, Borderlands 2 VR is up for preorder now. Not in Australia on Wednesday morning when I am writing this though.

This is a great step for PSVR, and as such there will be bits of news all over the place on this one.  I find it funny though, because I recently fired up XCOM 2 and Borderlands 2 to test my new 1080ti (yes 1080, not a typo) and both have had news this week.

I should fire up more old games and see what happens…

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